Articles by Suzy Banks

My Kind of Town

Aug 31, 2002 By Suzy Banks

Bank of America Center, 700 Louisiana; closed weekends; Brazos Bookstore, 2421 Bissonnet, 713-523-0701; Chocolate Bar, 1835 W. Alabama, 713-520-8599; Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary, 440 Wilchester Boulevard, 713-464-4900; Etta’s Lounge, 5120 Scott, 713-528-2611; Fred Hartman Bridge, Texas Highway 146 between La Porte and Baytown;…

My Kind of Town

Aug 31, 2002 By Suzy Banks

EVERY SUNDAY THE FAITHFUL PACK Etta’s Lounge, south of the University of Houston, to worship with sax legend Grady Gaines and the Texas Upsetters. The longnecks, the coldest in the city, are served on ice in mop buckets; the decor runs to aged Christmas decorations; and everyone, from the nattily…

Love Birds

Feb 1, 2002 By Suzy Banks

If you want the romance in your marriage to take flight, take a cue from the whooping cranes of the Texas coast.


Sep 30, 2001 By Suzy Banks

If you want to get into the Halloween spirit, head to South Texas and try to scare up San Patricio's famous ghost.

Nether Lands

Jun 30, 2001 By Suzy Banks

Forget about getting down and dirty. Take a trip into one of Texas' show caves, where the beauty of going underground is on full display.

Fifty Gifts Yule Love

Dec 1, 2000 By Suzy Banks

Attention, holiday shoppers: Time's a-wasting (but help is on the way). This quirky compilation of Texas-made goodies—from mesquite dominoes to mohair throws—should have something for everyone on your list.

Hey, Dude

Sep 30, 1999 By Suzy Banks

You might be bunking in a room that would give Martha Stewart seizures, but at these eleven guest ranches you can saddle up and get in touch with your inner buckaroo.

The Handmades’ Tale

Jun 30, 1998 By Suzy Banks

These twelve Texas artisans herald the victory of man over machine, carefully crafting wood, metal, or stone into items for your home and hearth that are tomorrow’s heirlooms today.

Ramblin’ Roses

Mar 1, 1998 By Suzy Banks

Texans are rediscovering antique roses, the hardy, neglected beauties that decorate old graveyards and abandoned houses across the state. Whether you buy them from a nursery or rustle cuttings from the wild, here�s the dirt on how to grow your own.

Border Bargains

Dec 1, 1996 By Suzy Banks

We’ve found thirty shops just across the Rio Grande where you can buy everything from hand-carved furniture to whimsical walking sticks. The quality is high, the prices are right, and you don't have to pay in pesos.