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Community Colleges are a Good Investment for Texas

Dec 10, 2018 By TM Promotions

Higher education is more important than ever for Texas to remain competitive in today’s global economy. Community colleges fill a pivotal role helping ensure Texans have broad access to postsecondary education and that the state has a trained workforce in place to meet the demand.

Texas’ Best Beach

Nov 26, 2018 By TM Promotions

Escape frigid temperatures and shoveling snow for a tropical destination filled with warmth and leisure on the Texas Gulf Coast, South Padre Island, Texas’ best beach.

Becoming Texas

Nov 19, 2018 By TM Promotions

When did the story of Texas begin? Becoming Texas: Our Story Begins Here, opening December 10 at the Bullock Texas State History Museum, is a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind journey through more than 16,000 years of Texas history using the most contemporary research on our past. Learn more about this groundbreaking exhibition.

What’s Improved Thanks to Texas’ Open Electricity Market?

Nov 13, 2018 By TM Promotions

Things changed for the better in 2002, after the Texas legislature opened the state’s electricity market to competition in most regions of Texas. Since then, competitive market pressures continue to drive retail electricity providers to focus on improving their customer services, customer insight tools, and innovative new products and solutions to stay ahead of the competition. Jim Steffes, Executive Vice President of Corporate & Regulatory Affairs for Direct Energy, joins us to discuss the impact of an open electricity market.

West Texas In A Bottle

Nov 13, 2018 By TM Promotions

Celebrate the richness and history of West Texas with Desert Door sotol. Every bottle contains a unique story and a wild Texas spirit.

South Padre Island Experience

Nov 7, 2018 By TM Promotions

Waves crashing, toes in the sand, a gentle sea breeze–not your typical fall description. Escape the cooler temperatures and experience fall on South Padre Island.

More Corporations Getting Involved in “Giving Back” to Make an Impact.

Oct 23, 2018 By TM Promotions

Corporate-sponsored community involvement is becoming more popular, and one of the most active Texas-based companies in terms of giving-back-to-make-a-difference is Direct Energy. Read more about Direct Energy and other corporations giving back, and watch the video of the opening of the new Direct Energy Patient Floor and Cardiac Patient Care Unit at Texas Children's Hospital.

The Good Collection

Oct 18, 2018 By TM Promotions

A list of Texas shops that give back to the communities they serve and the people who make their products, curated by the Texas Optimism Project.