Victoria Loe

Feature |
April 30, 1982

The Case Of The Campus Crusader

Multiple-choice question: UT’s Tom Philpott is (a) thes best professor on campus, a selfless reformer, and the victim of an assassination attempt; (b) the worst professor on campus, a publicity hound, and a nut who staged his own shooting.

Feature |
November 1, 1981

Heavy Breathing

Houston’s air may be a slow killer, but the state and the feds spend more time battling each other than fighting pollution.

Feature |
July 31, 1981

The Deal That Didn’t Work

Parceling out three new seats in Congress sounds like an easy job, but the Texas Legislature tried for two months and couldn’t do it.

Feature |
December 1, 1980

Out Of Control

We’ve got inadequate airports, jam-packed airspace, and antiquated traffic control system, and inept federal overseers. Is air safety just pie in the sky?

Feature |
April 1, 1980

Little Boy Lost

Being autistic nearly ruined Michael Shipley’s life, but his parents sent him to a state mental hospital. Then Michael’s life was ruined for good.

Feature |
June 30, 1979

To Each His Own

Famous people, obscure people, fat people, skinny people all have to eat. That’s what we love about people.