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TEXAS MONTHLY has been publishing every month since February 1973. Most back issues are still available.

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Our current newsstand price is $9.99, and prices for older issues vary based on scarcity (shipping is not included). You can find them online at the Texas Monthly Newsstand.

Issues dated before 2010 are not on TM Newsstand- if you would like an archived issue please with your request and we will get back to you on whether that issue is available or not.

Orders of 10 or more of the same issue are generally $7.99 each. Please fill out this form with the details of your request, and we will get back to you with availability and pricing. See the list below for out-of-stock issues.


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The Images of Texas and Texas Rangers posters are no longer available.

Texas College Guide

Now available From the publishers of TEXAS MONTHLY: featuring profiles of 65 top Texas schools, as well as admission advice, how to make your application stand out, getting your hands on financial aid and much, much more. Order online now.

Texas Super Sections

Our Texas Super special advertising sections can be obtained by ordering a back issue. Here’s the list.

Texas Super Lawyers, Women – January
Texas Super Lawyers, Rising Stars – April
Texas Super Doctors, Rising Stars – July
Texas Super Lawyers – October
Texas Super Dentists – December
Texas Super Doctors – December

More information is available online:
Texas Super Lawyers
Texas Super Dentists
Texas Super Doctors

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