To start off this summer we released our list of the Fifty Best BBQ Joints in the World in the June issue of Texas Monthly. All summer we’ve been keeping track of all the other barbecue lists we could find. They aren’t all in Texas and many are questionable, but here’s the full run down:

Texas Lists

– Of course there were plenty who had opinions about our barbecue list. Scrumptious Chef offered five picks that he thought should have been in our Top 50.

– Brisketman provided readers with his personal Top 10 list in Texas.

– If you’re looking for great barbecue in and around Austin here’s a list from the Austin Food Blogger Alliance.

– Another good Austin city guide comes from Full and Content.

– There are few surprises on this Business Insider list of best BBQ in Austin.

– Zagat also has a list of Austin’s best BBQ.

– The Houston Chronicle took a public poll to name Houston’s best barbecue joints. They sadly left out some of Houston’s best joints in their available choices, and even attributed Houston author Robb Walsh’s quotation about barbecue lists to a random commenter. Goode Co. took the crown.

– A better source for Houston BBQ is the best barbecue in Houston from CultureMap Houston.

– I also got a lesson in how internet Top 10 lists are made. Here’s my very own Top 10 list, but the problem is that’s not what the site asked for. Men’s Journal asked for a list of some of my favorites in Texas and I gave it to them, then they added the “Top 10” to the headline (which has since been corrected).

– Dallas A-List includes a BBQ category to their best cheap eats list.

National Lists

– A list of the nation’s best from Relish includes a few from Texas.

– The country’s best new BBQ joints are included in a list from Travel + Leisure.

– Forbes list of the best joints in the US offers few surprises.

– It’s all about ribs in this list from the Daily Meal.

– Southern Living takes aim at ribs in their list as well.

– LocalEats lists their 20 best BBQ joints in America along with some honorable mentions

– Food & Wine uses the headline of “Best BBQ Cities” then proceeds to name their favorite regions of barbecue including Central Texas and East Texas.

– The Daily Meal covers a good swath of the country with their BBQ road trip which includes stops in Texas.

– Parade’s list is all about the best of the new school joints in the US.

– Daily Candy’s list of the best in the US has enough photos to make me hungry and a few unexpected choices.

– USA Today provides and explanation of the nation’s barbecue styles. They may want to ask themselves if it makes sense to write a piece that is less helpful than a Wikipedia page.

– Here are the BBQ chains leading the way according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

– Eater’s BBQ Heat Map around the nation includes a few in Texas.

– Gay-ot offers their  Top 10 BBQ joints in the country.

– Tim Love’s top rib joints even goes as far as Canada.

– Maxim Magazine included Franklin Barbecue in their list of top 5 BBQ hotspots in the US.

Cities Outside of Texas 

– The best NYC BBQ lists start with this one from Food Republic.

– The Gothamist provides their top 10 picks for barbecue in New York City. Leaving Delaney Barbecue off the list was a surprise.

– Village Voice’s Best BBQ in New York list would have held a lot more weight with Robert Sietsema still on staff.

– LA List offers up their BBQ favorites in Los Angeles.

– They have barbecue in Oregon, and the Oregonian has a list of best BBQ in Portland. It’s no surprise that a Texas style joint was the top spot.

– An unranked list of Chicago BBQ comes from the Chicagoist.

– The Menuism blog also chose their picks for Chicago’s best.

– Atlanta Magazine has a well researched list of the city’s best BBQ.

Did we miss any? Did you see any good or preposterous lists of “Best BBQ” joints this summer? Share them in the comments sections.