– Emilio and Christi Soliz are cooking their own brand of Mexi-Q at Kings Hwy Brew & Q in San Antonio.

2M Smokehouse got some high praise from San Antonio Express News critic Mike Sutter.

– Pitt Stop BBQ in Lufkin might be the cleanest barbecue joint in Texas.

– Now, it’s the only way I want olives:


– Texas Rangers pitcher Cole Hamels is a big fan of Pecan Lodge in Dallas.

– Central Track is impressed with most everything Ten 50 BBQ in Richardson.

– CW33 provides this list of 12 DFW BBQ Spots That Will Make You Drool.

– Airport barbecue is getting better:


– A new food festival is coming to Austin in May. Hot Luck, from Aaron Franklin and partners, will kick off in mid-May.

– Salt Lick BBQ will open a food truck in South Austin.

– A film entitled Barbecue will debut at SXSW in Austin in March:


– The Houston Chronicle profiles Jean-Paul Bourgeois, a Cajun chef doing barbecue in New York City.

– On the list of the oldest restaurants in Houston, Barbecue Inn (1946) and Pizzitola’s (1934).

– The New England Patriots headed down to Pearland to fill up on Killen’s Barbecue before the Super Bowl.

– Fans at the stadium during the Super Bowl will be fueled by Killen’s Barbecue:


– Hall of fame running back, Eric Dickerson, will debut his line of EDQ barbecue at the Super Bowl.

– Andy Husbands of the Smoke Shop in Boston offers a brisket recipe that can be done on a grill. There’s fennel involved.

– The Dan Patrick Show is in Houston doing a BBQ tour before the Super Bowl. This is Day 1 at The Brisket House:

…and here’s Day 2 at Pinkerton’s:

…and Day 3 at the Pit Room: