Brisket is getting more expensive, yada, yada, yada.

– With the high price of beef, there’s a brisket bandit on the loose in San Antonio.

– Maybe these three guys were looking for brisket when they got arrested after breaking into a Rudy’s BBQ in Webster, Texas.

– For the first time, there are two locations of Kreuz Market. The new Bryan location opened on Monday:


– Texas native and Compton, California barbecue joint owner, Kevin Bludso, filmed the pilot of his new show Pitmaster on the Road in Corsicana. 

– Dickey’s Barbecue has created a new foundation Barbecue, Boots & Badges. You can donate to the cause starting March 1st with a purchase at any of their restaurants, and you don’t even have to eat the barbecue. Just buy one of three flavors in their new line of potato chips. 

– The Houston Chronicle teaches the virtues of a clean burning fire:


– Texas Pit Quest went to the Humble Rodeo BBQ Cook-off and writes about his experience with the Tin Roof BBQ team.

– Texas Brew & BBQ visits Micklethwait Craft Meats in Austin, and finds an “amazing value.” They also recommend Smokey Denmark’s barbecue trailer in Austin.

– is impressed with Meat U Anywhere BBQ in Grapevine.

– The UK-based bloggers from Curious Wolves stopped in at Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor.

– A 1930’s era electric pit:



– Mississippi has launched its very own Barbecue Trail highlighting the state’s 200+ barbecue joints.

– John Shelton Reed explains the history of North Carolina barbecue while offering a few of the best in the state to check out.

Billy Sims tells how he went from football star, to struggling entrepreneur, then on to success in the barbecue business.

– Seattle’s KOMO wants to know if it’s possible to get real Texas-style barbecue in Seattle.

– A Parisian came to Texas to learn barbecue, and now serves what J. C. Reid believes to be a beef rib that “could hold its own among the best in Texas.”

– New smoked sausage recipes coming to Dallas:


– The Republic Smokehouse & Saloon is coming to Houston, and the general manager described it as “Twin Peaks meets Pappas Barbecue meets Wild West.” Oh, also “It’s going to be like Cheers.” 

– The In ATX blog lists a few things for visitors to do in Austin. One of those is “Don’t go to Franklin’s [sic].” 

La Barbecue is moving to a new brick & mortar location in Austin later this year, but there shouldn’t be any need for the business to close to make the transition. 

Camp Brisket brought barbecue fans from all walks of life to College Station for a meat-filled weekend. 

– Esquire UK looks at all the best barbecue joints in England:


St. Louis cut ribs are supplanting KC-style pork spare ribs in Kansas City.

– For the first time since 1952, pork will overtake beef in popularity in the US. Blame fatter hogs and the decimated cattle population.

– The Russians have developed what they call the “anti-crisis cow” that barely needs to eat to survive. No word on if they actually put on any weight with that lifestyle.

– This video oddly suggests cooking pork ribs at 180 degrees for 12-14 hours: