Brian Williams doesn’t know much about Texas barbecue, but Rachel Maddow was there to correct him.

– The Texas candidate dives into KC BBQ:


– J.C. Reid visits an old Houston area favorite, the Plantation BBQ food truck. 

– Alison Cook of the Houston Chronicle provides this positive review of Pappa Charlie’s Barbeque in Houston. Get the smoked meat loaf. 

– Houstonia magazine finds some great barbecue at Gatlin’s BBQ in Houston. 

– I hope you ate wisely on Texas Independence Day:


– BBQ Recon tried an impromptu taste test between Franklin Barbecue and Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ in Austin.

– BBQ Recon also made visits to City Meat Market in Giddings, Wooden Spoke, and Big Horn BBQ. They reviewed each one.

– Houston Fed is counting down his 50 favorite restaurants in Houston. And of course barbecue makes the list right away.

– Is it the first?


– Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night Live gets his barbecue recommendations from Owen Wilson, one of which is The Slow Bone

– Roegels Barbecue Co. is bringing their barbecue to the Typhoon Texas water park. 

– Get to Snow’s BBQ in Lexington for the ribs. 

– See the winners of the World’s Championship BBQ Competition in Houston:


– John Shelton Reed of North Carolina has a new barbecue cookbook coming out.

– This year’s James Beard awards feature several in the America’s Classics category including Brooks’ House of BBQ in Oneonta, New York.

– What’s in a name?


– A Texas barbecue film, For the Love of Meat, will be screened at the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin on 03/17. 

– Rescue Mission in El Paso is finalizing plans for a new facility. The long term goal is a restaurant called Hallelujah BBQ that will be staffed by those in the shelter. 

– Horse brisket, anyone?


– Greg Morago of the Houston Chronicle looks at the transformation of competition barbecue.

– The Braves are betting that you’ll like chicken-fried rib meat with Monster energy drink infused barbecue sauce.

– This BBQ joint says it’s okay to eat beaver for Lent: