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– Zagat Austin provides this list of under-the-radar barbecue joints to visit in town. 

– Doug Pickering, pitmaster at WORK in Dallas, was featured on the local news. Here’s the video

– When vegans attack:


– D Magazine’s current issue is for food lovers, and includes a guide to local butcher shops

– Pitmaster Patrick Feges is moving from Underbelly in Houston to work at Killen’s BBQ. Here’s an interview with him from Eat My Words. 


Stiles Switch Chuck Hughes
Lance Kirkpatrick and Chuck Hughes at Stiles Switch. Photo provided by Stiles Switch

– The Travel Channel show Chuck Eats the Street was filming at Stiles Switch last week. Here’s host Chuck Hughes with Stiles Switch pitmaster Lance Kirkpatrick.

– 1310 The Ticket in Dallas will be broadcasting The Hardline from Lockhart Smokehouse this afternoon starting at 3:00. 

– The Gettin’ Sauced BBQ Festival has announced the date for this year’s event – October 19th. 

– Robb Walsh found this pre-trimmed brisket (unlike the more common packer cut) at a College Station grocery store:


– Kreuz Market will cater a charity dinner called Boots & Blazers in Hye, Texas that benefits the Ronald McDonald House. The event is April 12th. Check here for details. 

– A school for sausage making? Texas A&M has that. 

– It’s a brief blip, but this video pitch for the GOP to come to Dallas in 2016 uses barbecue from Lockhart Smokehouse as bait:


– Business Insider calls H-E-B the best grocery store in America. Reason #8? Barbecue, of course.

– Constant Contact uses a fictitious barbecue food truck as the subject for their current television commercial.

– Here’s one of the better BBQ ads I’ve seen:


– South Carolina looks to declare barbecue as its Official Picnic Food.

A defense of North Carolina BBQ from a New Yorker.

– New York’s Hometown BBQ is featured in Men’s Journal with a shout-out to Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, Texas.

– The Dodgers built a new BBQ joint inside the ballpark:


– A barbecue joint in Georgia burned to the ground earlier this week. 

– There’s going to be a BBQ festival in Iceland. 

– It’s too bad that Up in Smoke in Keller had to close for good a few weeks ago, but it’s a good thing it was empty the other day:


– Brisketman published this tasty looking photo essay from Killen’s BBQ in Pearland. 

– The Houston Press’s 100 favorite dishes includes Killen’s brisket at #5. 

– The Smoking Ho is unimpressed with Sam’s BBQ in Austin. 

B&D Icehouse, from the owners of Two Bros. BBQ Market, is now open in San Antonio. 

– Veal ribs? Very interesting:


– The Daily Meal has a list of the 60 Coolest People in Food & Drink, and Aaron Franklin of Austin’s Franklin Barbecue makes the list.

– The Daily Meal also has a list of the best casual restaurants in the country. Fette Sau in Brooklyn, Hill Country BBQ in New York, Big Bob Gibson in Alabama, BrisketTown in Brooklyn, Arthur Bryant’s in Kansas City, Kreuz Market in Lockhart, and Franklin Barbecue in Austin all make the list.

– The only thing to look forward to at the Alamo was barbecued beef:


– In what looks like a very cool event, most all the pitmasters who will attend the Houston Barbecue Festival next month got together for a catered lunch of…seafood.

– 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House is included in the Dallas Morning News’s list of the ten hot restaurants in D/FW right now.

– Beef ribs ain’t cheap:


– Yahoo re-ran a three-year-old story from Garden & Gun on the best barbecue sandwiches in the country, but it’s worth a second look. 

– There’s an article on Jezebel about Ted Nugent and his cancelled concert in Longview, but commenters are more interested in the fleeting barbecue reference in the story. 

– A day in the life of Archibald’s BBQ in Northport, Alabama:

Archibald’s from Southern Foodways on Vimeo.


– Send a Democratic candidate for Texas governor to a barbecue joint in East Texas, then watch the boycott-threatening comments section on Facebook go ballistic. Stanley’s in Tyler was the victim this past week. 

– Those comments got so nasty, an editorial in the local paper called for civility and apologized to Stanley’s BBQ. 

– Ernie’s Pit BBQ in Greenville just completed some significant interior renovations:



– What does the terminology on all those meat labels really mean? Here are a few definitions.

– The US, among other developed countries, has hit peak meat, meaning the amount of meat consumed per person is no longer getting larger each year.

– BBQ R&D:


– If grilled meats do indeed cause cancer, marinating the meat in beer helps cut down on the carcinogens.

– This is how North Carolina treats its oldest operating barbecue joint. Tear it down to make way for office buildings.

– This is what a Pork Rib MRE looks like: