– For Matthew Odam, the new Kemuri-Tatsuya in Austin is an “izakaya smokehouse that blurs the lines between Japan and Texas.”

– There is now a new flavor of Payday candy bars with the “flavor of Texas BBQ.”

– Beef ribs are having a moment:


– Eater takes a look at Cheerwine, which is to North Carolina barbecue what Big Red is to Texas barbecue.

– Barbecue represents two spots on Eater’s list of the South’s 38 essential restaurants.

– Howard Seftel, a former food critic at the Arizona Republic, toured Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix and sampled the barbecue.

– UFC fighters battled in a barbecue eating contest:


– Meet the Buckmans, who run Corkscrew BBQ in Spring, and their pet squirrel.

– Patrick Feges: The Purple-Hearted Pit Master, from My Table Magazine.

Q-Shi Bistro, the sushi and barbecue concept in Spring, Texas is expanding to another location in the Woodlands.

– When reader polls go south:


– Websites continue to obsess over the idea of creating a barbecue-like substance without a stick of wood. In this latest one, they call it “barbecue-style meat.”

– In their latest podcast, The BBQ Beat talks with Derrick Riches who has been writing about barbecue and grilling for About.com since 1997.

– The NYT likes the barbecue at LC’s in KC:


– Nick Pencis of Stanley’s Famous Pit Bar-B-Que in Tyler is coming to Dallas for a barbecue class at Four Corners brewery on Saturday.

– Thrillist headed to the Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ trailer in Austin to see how they construct the Real Deal Holyfield taco.

– Beef barbacoa comes primarily from cheek meat, and a diner in Pflugerville said her barbacoa included some bonus teeth along with the cheek.

– A look back at a once-thriving barbecue chain:


– The American Royal Barbecue Contest in Kansas City is changing its usual October date to Labor Day weekend in 2017.

– The Great American Cookout Tour is coming to Cedar Hill this weekend.

– Follow this barbecue sandwich trail for a taste of Alabama barbecue.

– Get to know some hams: