– The Austin City Council will discuss the new barbecue smoke resolution in today’s council meeting.

– The resolution has been revised from its original version that Aaron Franklin spoke out against on Monday.

– The Austin American Statesman covered the resolution as well with comments from additional barbecue joint owners.

– BBQ break-in:


Blue Ox BBQ has moved out of their long-time spot at Buzz Mill and is looking for a new place to set up shop. 

– Fatboy’s BBQ in Cooper, Texas will have updated hours starting Saturday. 

– Aaron Franklin’s barbecue book comes out next Tuesday. He has an event planned in LA later in the month to help promote it. 

– Yes, in Phoenix:


– The Foodways Texas Barbecue Summer Camps at Texas A&M have been incredibly popular. That’s why they have two of them planned in 2016.

– Tickets are available for the Houston BBQ Festival on Sunday, April 25th.

– The Red Dirt BBQ Festival is coming to Tyler on May 2nd. Tickets are still available.

– You have until April 3rd to get your nominations in for the BBQ Hall of Fame.

– The Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival highlighted local barbecue last Thursday night.

– Texas got snubbed, so it’s down to Alabama vs. North Carolina:


– Joe Woodel of Husky Hog Bar-B-Q cooks Tennessee style barbecue on the South Side of Chicago. He discussed how he learned his craft from the competition circuit and the challenges of running a barbecue business in this interview. 

– With the addition of a few new restaurants, the barbecue scene in New Orleans is on the rise. 

– A tour through the barbecue of Lafayette from a Kansas City native’s perspective. 

– More Kansas City BBQ:


– Texas columnist Don Newbury has a big problem with the Texans on Jimmy Kimmel, and he didn’t much like the pig-centric BBQ sign either.

– Railhead Smokehouse and Woodshed Smokehouse in Fort Worth were featured as part of the DFW restaurants in USA Today’s Made in Texas.

Karma Que is a charitable barbecue collective based in Fort Worth, and they’re profiled in the Dallas Observer.

– A regional BBQ glossary:


Barbecue crabs are back in season, says the Houston Chronicle, but they’re also not really barbecue. 

– A new restaurant in Houston, The Republic Smokehouse & Saloon, has both an executive chef and a pitmaster. Here’s a first look

Jackson Street BBQ will open next week in downtown Houston. 

– The Wooden Spoke BBQ in Magnolia, just northwest of Houston, is profiled. 

– BBQ Crawl is coming back for a new season:


– Here’s how Austin’s Stiles Switch BBQ got their name, and how they got started in the barbecue business.

Red Meat is Not The Enemy.

– There’s a new blog that reviews nothing but beef jerky.

– Yeah, April Fool’s Day and all, but I wouldn’t put it past them: