– The Houston Chronicle featured all the pitmasters of the Houston BBQ Festival in these mini profiles.

– Scenes from the Houston BBQ Festival:


– Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt has more from the Houston BBQ Festival.

– The Stomp ‘N’ Holler Fest is coming to Taylor on June 3rd with music, beer, and lots of barbecue.

– Wayne Mueller of Louie Mueller Barbecue said he still hasn’t given up on an expansion to Houston, but don’t expect it to happen this year.

– They’ve apparently got some good new barbecue up in Argyle:


– The Salt Lick location at the airport is about to undergo some major renovations.

– A new HEB store in San Antonio will feature a barbecue joint with curbside pickup and a drive-thru.

– The Grady’s Barbecue on San Antonio’s north side went up in flames, and arson is suspected.

– The Daily Texan sampled the smoked meat from the new LeRoy and Lewis barbecue food truck.

– BBQ on the Brazos impresses:


– Americans spent $2.8 billion dollars on beef jerky last year, and the industry is growing rapidly.

– The Tennessean talks with Carey Bringle, owner of Nashville’s Peg Leg Porker barbecue joint.

– When “regional barbecue” offerings don’t reflect their regions:


– The BBQ Hub takes a barbecue tour of Charleston, a city in the midst of a barbecue boom.

– DAS BBQ, a new Texas-style barbecue joint opened in Atlanta. Oddly, they start their brisket in an offset smoker for 5 hours, then wrap it and transfer to a gas-fired rotisserie. The reviewer missed the smoky flavor.

Das Barbecü, the opera, will make its debut in Houston on 04/23.

– Hey UNT, please reconsider this crime against brisket: