– A Confederacy of mustard-lovers:


– The Dallas Observer highlights some of the area’s newest barbecue trailers.

– Houstonia takes you on a visual tour of Lockhart’s legendary barbecue joints, minus Chisholm Trail.

– Wide Open Country takes a tour through Taylor, Texas, including its two most famous barbecue joints.

– The politics of Texas barbecue:


– A new barbecue blog out of Canada, Ryan Eats Barbecue, detailed a trip to Central Texas for some of the state’s best barbecue.

– The BBQ Industry blog makes the case that you should be eating more Santa Maria style barbecue.

– The Smoking Ho headed over to Abilene:


– An Israeli activist group has weaponized barbecue against Palestinian prisoners on a hunger strike in Ofer prison north of Jerusalem. They set up large grills outside the prison so the hunger strikers could smell it cooking.

– Call it barbacoa or head tacos, but National Geographic made a bunch of Texans laugh when it “dared” readers to eat it.

– House Bill 2029, aka The Barbecue Bill, passed a house vote 142-0 in the Texas Legislature yesterday. The bill eliminates the certification and yearly registration fees for barbecue joint scales.

– A new Brisket King has been crowned in New York:


– The Mavericks will headline the new Stomp-N-Holler barbecue festival coming to Taylor.

– California has more locations of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit than any other state than Texas, where it was founded.

– Longview’s Pruitt Ironworks, a barbecue pit builder, was featured on the local news for their metal artistry.

– Learn about Rodney Scott’s whole hog and his musical tastes:


– Northboro, Massachusetts has a new Texas style barbecue joint called Texas Barbecue Co.

– A barbecue joint in Angola, New York failed to pay state taxes it collected to the tune of $56,000, and the owners pleaded guilty to third-degree grand larceny.

– LeAnn Mueller provides a few more details about the new Los Angeles location of La Barbecue, and discusses the quality of beef they insist on smoking.

– John Lewis of Lewis Barbecue in Charleston talks brisket: