– A semi hauling more than twenty tons of pork butts caught fire on the Interstate in Kansas City.

– The New York Times offered their take on the Austin barbecue smoker resolution. They looked at it in context of other odor-related cases. You’ll also learn what a Nasal Ranger is.

– A film on South Carolina BBQ from the SFA:


– Jalopnik picks up the brisket bandit near-getaway story in San Antonio.

– A virtual BBQ roundtable discusses the current state of barbecue in America on First We Feast.

– Some restaurants in El Paso didn’t like it much when I said it was a bad town for barbecue.

– U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Marcus Smith, has opened a barbecue catering business in Copperas Cove.

– Australian Barbecue Wars:


Ribs and the Rhetoric of Authenticity in House of Cards, from the Southern Foodways Alliance. 

– From the SFA, a former vegetarian’s troubled past with meat, and why she now eats steak and bacon. 

– The Huffington Post found someone who could enjoy the edible oxymoron Texas Vegan BBQ Burger

– A former vegetarian comes face to face with a pig in Meat School:


– Tom Micklethwait of Micklethwait Craft Meats in Austin is soon to open a new NYC style deli trailer in Austin.

– Austin Food Magazine just gave Micklethwait Craft Meats an incredible review in their current issue.

– The Houston Chronicle reminds us all why Lockhart is such a great place for barbecue.

– The PBS “BBQ with Franklin” show will air beginning on 5/21.

– The Dark Prince of BBQ gets a police commendation:


– The Dallas Observer compiled a list of area barbecue events through the summer. 

– The Big D BBQ Battle kicks off in Dallas on Friday. 

– SideDish did a taste test of North Texas barbecue sauces

– Colleyville, Texas has a two day celebration of barbecue planned this weekend that includes a barbecue competition for kids. 

– Longoria’s Barbecue in Everman has added a new pulled pork sandwich to their menu. 

– The new Kreuz Market in Bryan has caved to local pressure, and now provides forks and barbecue sauce:


– Alison Cook gives Roegels Barbecue Co. in Houston a resoundingly positive review praising the smoked brisket and beef rib among other items.

Ray’s Real Pit BBQ Shack in Houston is among a whole host of local food vendors coming to the Houston Intercontinental Airport.

– A television crew will be taping at Killen’s Barbecue in Pearland this evening, and owner Ronnie Killen is encouraging folks to pack the place for lunch.

Ten BBQ joints in one day? A few Houston BBQ bloggers did just that.

– The Houston BBQ Festival is happening this weekend, and the Houston Chronicle talked to some of the pitmasters involved to get their opinions on barbecue sauce.

– Nice save:


Gavin Cleaver, a former barbecue critic for the Dallas Observer, has moved back to London and writes about the barbecue he has found back home. 

– The San Antonio Express News provided a recipe for grilled chicken with Alabama white sauce

– Some barbecue truths shared in a Mississippi newspaper. 

– No Portland, please don’t start calling pulled pork “pig brisket.” 

– Get straight to the beef: