– “The whole house is still redolent of smoke. If there’s a better scent, I have yet to encounter it.” – Ruth Reichl

– These are the up-and-coming pitmasters across the country according to Thrillist, most of which are cooking Texas style.

– Ladies and gentlemen, Tootsie Tomanetz:


– East Austin College Prep made this video with Aaron Franklin on what it means to dream big.

– The upcoming Cane Rosso location in Austin will team up with a local pitmaster for a featured barbecue pizza on their menu.

– Aaron Franklin served his brisket at the prestigious James Beard Foundation awards banquet.


– These are the 25 best barbecue chains in the country, according to the Daily Meal. 

– I spoke with the Texas Standard about what may have been the first barbecue joint in Texas

– A limited time smoked burger from Cooper’s BBQ and Swift’s Attic:


– In her new book How to be a Texan, Andrea Valdez (the barbecue editor’s editor) offers insights on Frito pie, pecan pie, and brisket.

– Food 52 looks at both sides of the liquid smoke argument, then sadly suggests adding it to barbecue sauce.

– The Houston Chronicle suggests these local barbecue joints for visitors. They didn’t get the memo about Corkscrew’s new location.

– Beaumont-style links in Houston:


– Zagat highlights great places around Dallas and Fort Worth to get your brisket on

– Local Yocal, a butcher shop in McKinney, hosted a weekend barbecue pop-up, and Guns Up BBQ has the recap. 

– The Star Telegram tells about that time when Shaq made a Dallas barbecue joint change its name

– Smoked Wagyu brisket in Mexico:


– Forbes reminds us that it’s barbecue month, and offers these barbecue and grilling stats for us to ponder.

– Steven Raichlen discusses his grill collection, and makes some suggestions for your backyard.

Raichlen also has some tips to up your backyard barbecue game.

– Looking to make short rib pastrami?


– Seeking on the job training to cook great Texas barbecue? Go to South Carolina, of course. John Lewis Barbecue, opening later this year, is looking for a few good barbecue cooks.

– On barbecue and the work-life balance that it doesn’t always provide.

– Honoring a historic New York barbecue joint: