– Waypoints named BARBQ, SMOKE, RIBBS, and BRSKT exist in the Kansas City (ZKC) sky country.

– The best barbecue in America is in Georgia, says TripAdvisor:


– Also, the best barbecue in America according to author Johnny Fugitt, is in Texas. 

– The Smoking Ho is a fan of The Brisket House in Houston. 

– The Dallas Observer gives a mostly positive review to Meat U Anywhere BBQ in Grapevine. 

– Eater calls Hometown Barbecue in New York City the best barbecue in the city

– The best barbecue in Chicago is:


– In a major reach, Food & Wine compares Paris’s hot new barbecue joint The Beast to Austin’s Franklin BBQ, sort of.

– Tim Rattray of the Granary in San Antonio offered his recipe for St. Louis style ribs to Food & Wine magazine.

John Lewis of la Barbecue and soon-to-be Lewis Barbecue in Charleston, SC is profiled in Garden & Gun magazine.

– “Spot on” might be a stretch, but hey, BBQ in Italy:


– Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt adds his thoughts on Aaron Franklin’s James Beard win. He agrees with it ultimately, but not before tearing apart the restaurant’s food

– John Lewis of la Barbecue is teaming up with Revelry Brewing to create Lean or Fat Lager for the brewery summer barbecue series. 

– “The cook who makes their own bacon enters a different arena from the one who roasts their own pork.” 

– “Meat is a very lusty thing to eat.”:


– The 2nd Annual Kosher BBQ Challenge will take place in Dallas in August, and they are looking for interested competitors.

– Tickets are on sale for CigarB-Que, and event combining barbecue, cigars, and cocktails in Austin on 5/28.

– Joe Hamel talks about his barbecue sauce business and his time on the competition circuit which he calls “NASCAR for fat kids.”

– The Shed BBQ team took home the top spot at Memphis in May this year. Here’s a full list of the winners.

– Go along with Aaron Franklin for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Austin:


– Aaron Franklin will cook with John Tesar at Knife for a RED fundraising dinner on June 1st.

– Jim Shahin reviews Aaron Franklin’s new book in the Washington Post. He says “The book is a combination love letter and how-to manual.”

– The new PBS show BBQ with Franklin premieres tonight.

– Road Trip!


– Garden & Gun created this bucket list of Southern barbecue

– Robert Moss names the five best barbecue sides for Southern Living. 

– Bone Daddy’s BBQ created this infographic to show the different styles of barbecue across Texas

– Davila’s BBQ in Seguin has started posting a series of “In the Pit” videos on their YouTube channel:


– Howard Conyers is featured in New Orleans Magazine. “His specialties are barbecue and rockets.” 

– A chef and a pig caterer are opening Picnic “a modern barbecue restaurant” in North Durham, North Carolina. 

– Grilling with lava:


– The Houston Chronicle profiles Robert West who owns one of the only halal barbecue joints in the country – Chopped N Smoked.

– Patrick Feges is cooking a whole hog for the two year anniversary celebration of Houston’s D&T Drive In on 5/30.

– Texas Style Bar-B-Que in Madisonville, Texas suffered a devastating fire.

Smoking Oak BBQ has opened in Mercedes, Texas.

– Ed Sheeran likes Mike Anderson’s BBQ in Dallas:


– New Zealand has officially recognized animals as “sentient beings” by law. 

– From Munchies, a truly fascinating discussion of whether or not dinosaur meat would taste like chicken

– Behold, the Swineapple: