– The summer barbecue list onslaught is in full effect this week. The first one comes from Travel + Leisure which ranks the twenty best cities in the country for barbecue. Nevermind that Nashville is laughably in the top spot, but they left off towns like Lockhart, Texas (okay, it was lumped in with Austin); Owensboro, Kentucky; and Lexington, North Carolina in favor of barbecue hotspots like Portland (Oregon and Maine) and Denver.

– Culturemap Austin wasn’t happy about another poor list from the week prior.

– USA Today lists some great American barbecue joints to visit, including Cranky Frank’s in Fredericksburg.

– Sausage jokes:


– Twelve sites were added to the Texas’s Most Endangered Places list and Pig Stand No. 41 in Beaumont made the list. 

– The Smoking Ho tried J&M BBQ in Lubbock and left unimpressed. 

– Full & Content shares her photos from the Red Dirt BBQ Festival in Tyler. 

– It’s a food group:


– A play called Barbecue Apocalypse is coming to Kitchen Dog Theater in Dallas. It opens tomorrow night and runs through June 21st.

– 1.8 million pounds of ground beef were recalled this week.

– In some tragic news, a rape was reported in the middle of last week’s Memphis In May World Championship Barbecue Contest.

– They served a lot of KC ribs at this barbecue event benfitting a good cause:

Cook For Courage 2014 from bobby pitts on Vimeo.


– Barbecue author Steven Raichlen will be in Dallas tonight and Houston tomorrow promoting his new book Man Made Meals.

– In Rocky Mount, North Carolina, they’ve built a Barbecue Park to commemorate the site of the first sit-down barbecue joint in North Carolina.

– If you go to Texas A&M, you can take a course called Barbecue 101, seriously.

– Meathead shares his favorite commercial sauces from across the country.

– If you’d like to make your own sauce, Southern Living can help.

– An interesting material for grill construction:


– Thrillist gives us these seven barbecue joints in San Francisco that they think are the best.

– A look at historic Lem’s BBQ on the Southside of Chicago.

– Thrillist also ranks their nine favorite barbecue joints in Houston.

– Fed Man Walking puts out his list of the best beef ribs in Austin, and La Barbecue took the top spot.

– At Culturemap Austin, Terry Black’s BBQ is on their list of the most anticipated openings of the summer.

– Vintage BBQ Marketing:


– “Meat Professional” Patrick Feges of Killen’s BBQ in Pearland is an Eater Young Gun. The story he shares about how he got into barbecue is certainly unique. 

– In Houston’s Minute Maid Park, they’re no longer serving Killen’s BBQ brisket. The comment from the stadium’s food service representative was a bit cryptic: “We were unable to achieve the high standards we had both hoped for at the outset.” 

– The Houston Press sheds some light on five underrated barbecue joints

– Trent Brooks of Houston’s Brooks’ Place BBQ gained his notoriety through hard work, but he doesn’t like being called a pitmaster. 

– The Houston Chronicle loves the PB&J sandwich from the Brisket House. 

– Memphis in May champs:


– Mark Bittman from the New York Times shares these nine different recipes for pork ribs. Some are braised, some grilled, but none of them tell you to just leave the ribs on the smoker.

– Fatty Cue in New York will close for good this weekend.

– The folks at Eater New York took one heck of a barbecue road trip through Texas. Here’s their guide to seventeen of the finest barbecue joints in Central Texas.

– Jim Shahin of the Washington Post writes about our love affair with smoked foods, and shares some smoke science.

– If you haven’t watched Parts Unknown in Mississippi, here’s an inducement:


– Pecan Lodge’s opening party – the Cowboys & Indians edition. 

– Pecan Lodge’s opening party – the Dallas Observer edition. 

– Pecan Lodge’s opening party – the Dallas Morning News edition. 

– Now that Pecan Lodge has moved on from the Farmers Market there’s a smokehouse for sale:


– If you’re interested, the Dallas Morning News came up with five ways to use that smokehouse.

– Four Corners Brewery in Dallas brewed a special “Boss Lady” beer for Pecan Lodge.

– Micklethwait Craft Meats will now be open on Tuesdays.

– The Nutter Buster BBQ truck in Manchaca is profiled.

– A must watch:


– From the Manual: “BBQ Pitmasters Host Myron Mixon’s Guide to Memorial Day Barbecue. “ 

– Eater Dallas shows you where to eat on the roads across Texas, and of course there’s plenty of barbecue on the list. 

– A look at how barbecue was done long before offset smokers

– Amen: