– If you’ve never been to Memphis in May and want to get a taste, check out Republic of Swine from Bitter Southerner. A taste: “First timers British Bulldog BBQ of Surrey, England are…the “best of the best” from the British Barbecue Society — which sounds about as formidable as being the top-rated hockey player in Louisiana.”

– The Big Apple Barbecue Block Party in NYC begins this Saturday. There are still some fast passes available for Sunday.

– Of you have a barbecue sauce to enter into this year’s Gettin’ Sauced event in Austin, here’s the entry form.

– On the science of barbecue cooking:


– More barbecue (and grilling) related science talk from Vox and even more from IFT.  

– Fed Man Walking lists his picks for Austin’s best pulled pork and sausage.  

– Fed Man Walking also found 12 briskets he likes in Austin. 

– The Smoking Ho tries Lone Star BBQ on South Lamar in Austin. 

– Austin Monthly includes a Top 10 BBQ joint list in this month’s Newcomer’s Guide. 

– A trailer for an Australian film on Texas BBQ:

Central Texas Barbecue (Trailer) from Urtext Films on Vimeo.


– Arby’s brisket sandwich is causing a spike in brisket prices causing some to worry for their pastrami.  

– The hog farm where PEDv in the U.S. originated was identified in Ohio. The disease is still causing high pork prices. 

– A security camera caught some vandals at La Barbecue in Austin:


– The La Barbecue vandalism story made the local Austin news

– Let them know if you recognize any of them. At least one perpetrator has been identified

– The news of La Barbecue’s vandals made it all the way to Houston:


Wayne’s Smoke Shack in Superior, Colorado has been serving up Texas style barbecue since August.

– A Q&A with Myron Mixon on smokers, side dishes, and whole hog.

– Mixon also has some theories on why the barbecue on the East and West coasts is getting better lately.

Brooklyn’s best barbecue joints from Brooklyn Magazine.

– Brooklyn is about to get the whole hog cooking of Tyson Ho who plans to open a barbecue joint there this summer.

– Watch beef naval turn into a Katz’s pastrami sandwich, step-by-step.

– Maybe it’s better in California:


Wooden Spoke BBQ in Magnolia (just northwest of Houston) has made a successful jump from competition barbecue to commercial barbecue. 

– Robb Walsh finds that at Killen’s Barbecue in Pearland “nearly everything is amazing.” 

– Killen’s Barbecue has added pork chops and collard greens to the menu. 

– Freedmen’s Bar has added some new items to their menu, including meat by the pound. 

– In advance of the X Games being held in Austin, ESPN provides their insider’s guide to the city with recommendations for visiting the Salt Lick and Franklin Barbecue

– A day in the life of Franklin Barbecue:

You Say Texas; I Say Barbecue from Erica Robert Pallo on Vimeo.


– A day in the life of Austin-based barbecue photographer Robert Lerma

– “Father-son celebrity pitmasters Marshall and Mark Cooper will join Chef Dean Fearing on June 15 to present the ultimate in Father’s Day brunches” at Fearing’s in Dallas. 

– You can also get your Fathers Day Texas BBQ in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston. 

– Or just smoke your own with one of these seven epic barbecue entrees from Thrillist. 

– Percy Street BBQ in Philadelphia serves whole brisket dinners for $225:


– When is it right to call a gathering that involves outdoor cooking a “cookout” versus a “barbecue?”

– The Wall Street Journal says smoking, not grilling, is where it’s at this summer.

– If you’d like to hear me talk a little about my job, here’s my turn on the Josh Katzowitz podcast.

– Here’s a thirty minute documentary on last year’s barbecue themed Cook it Raw event in Charleston:

Cook it Raw (Charleston) from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.


– Not Just Q in Dallas has a fan in former Dallas Cowboy Marcus Spears.

– Up Magazine has chosen their four favorite barbecue joints in Dallas.

Texas Smoke BBQ Co. opens in Sanger, Texas.

Hawaiian BBQ comes to San Antonio.

– The Granary’s Tim Rattray talks about what his San Antonio barbecue joint is all about.

– My SA says things are going well for the new Smoke Shack BBQ joint in San Antonio.

– A little Houston BBQ history from Pizzitola’s:


India has the largest cattle inventory in the world. Brazil is second and China is third. 

Barbecued mealworms, anyone? 

– Follow the Ultimate Grill & Smoker around the country during its summer tour. 

– Barbecue is getting big in Los Angeles

– Did we mention that brisket prices are up?