We went out to Snow’s BBQ in Lexington to capture why it’s so special to eat there while Tootsie works the pits.

The Oregonian calls Snow’s BBQ in Lexington a smoky version of Santiago de Compostela for barbecue pilgrims.

Eater finds the wonder of SETX beef links in Port Arthur:


Barrett Black from Black’s BBQ filmed a short how-to barbecue video in the Netherlands.

Eater Austin says these are the best barbecue joints to visit in the Texas Hill Country.

Don’t be fooled into thinking beef backs ribs are similar to beef short ribs, even if this article/recipe doesn’t make a big distinction.

Good BBQ in England?


Roads & Kingdoms takes a deep dive into “the air-dried, super-spiced, garlic-infused, thinly sliced beef known as pastırma.”

“Deep in the Tuscan countryside, between a hill and a bleating sheep, Gianluca Tonelli tended to 17 pounds of pastrami soaking in a plastic container filled with brine.”

Now that’s a unique smoker design:


The Star-Telegram has some ideas for where to take dad for barbecue this Sunday.

Chef and pitmaster Jeffrey Hobbs talks to LearnChair Radio about the barbecue at The Slow Bone in Dallas.

Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones shared some barbecue at Rudy’s BBQ in Austin before their controversial interview.

Stuffing sausages:


Whole hog is a barbecue art form seeing a resurrection in the South.

The brisket out of Memphis that they say “is cooked in the ‘hill country’ style,” looks a little iffy.

USA Today headed to New York for the Big Apple BBQ Block party, and came away with some great images.

I didn’t realize there was a debate:


Ronnie Killen of Killen’s Barbecue joined the Houston Chronicle crew for a recording of the BBQ State of Mind podcast.

J C Reid talked to Wayne Kammerl of The Brisket House about how he keeps the cost of his smoked brisket low.

On a sad note, Norma Brooks of Brooks Place BBQ in Houston, has passed away after a long illness.

Do you know this guy?