A Houston-area barbecue joint owner is unhappy about being one of the Top 50 BBQ joints in Texas:


The BBQ Bill has passed, but Texas Dept. of Agriculture continue to send out scale registration renewal documents. They’re working on an update to their guidelines for when the bill goes into effect on 9/1.

Aaron Franklin talked to Thrillist about his start in barbecue and how he got good at smoking brisket.

A couple new barbecue trucks have opened up in Austin, one of which is on the same block as LeRoy & Lewis Barbecue.

A Kosher BBQ documentary is in the works:


The Heritage Fire event outside Aspen in Snowmass, Colorado looks like our kind of meat festival.

Come along with the Smoking Ho for a smoked meat tour of Los Angeles.

“There’s a new generation of pitmasters preserving the art of Eastern North Carolina whole-hog barbecue, the oldest, most time-honored style of barbecue in the continental United States.”

Barbecue is evolving in Texas:


The Houston Chronicle discusses how best to pair beer, wine, and liquor with barbecue.

Smoke’n Honey House, a 500 seat, 14,000 square foot barbecue joint just opened in Houston.

The Tejas Chocolate Craftory just got a great review from Alison Cook of the Houston Chronicle.

Read up:


The habitat of the lone star tick is spreading. One bite from this tick and you might be allergic to red meat forever.

I talked with the Texas Standard about the supposed tyranny of Texas barbecue.

What does barbecue mean to you?


Get your tickets to the Texas Monthly MeatUp this weekend featuring several incredible barbecue joints from across the state.

Bodacious BBQ in Longview will be closed this Saturday to attend the MeatUp event in Houston.

Ed Aiton is a Texas barbecue treasure: