Camp Brisket, presented by Foodways Texas, is coming January 9-10, 2015. Tickets go on sale August 14th.

– Here’s a recap of the Foodways Texas Barbecue Camp that was held last month.

Texas BBQ Week is starting July 13th. Here’s a list of great barbecue specials you can get around the state that week.

– Plan accordingly:


– FM Smokehouse in Irving is opening a new whiskey every Tuesday this summer. There’s some good stuff in this lineup. 

– Corkscrew BBQ in Spring is getting a new smoker. This one is an Oyler meaning a whole lot more barbecue for folks in the Houston area. 

– Franklin Barbecue reopens July 8th with a new smokehouse:


– Dickey’s BBQ is looking to open 100 additional locations over the next year.

– Dickey’s wants to help you find your barbecue personality, and convince you that “Dickey’s Barbecue after Cross Fit is always a good idea.”

– How to use your grill to smoke. Hint: Don’t cook anything too large.

– The most important (Thrillist’s word, not mine) barbecue sauce styles in the country.

– A new product called the SmokeCage promises smoked flavor, even from a gas grill.

– Texas barbecue will be the feature on the Travel Channel’s BBQ Crawl next Wednesday night when they visit Longoria’s BBQ in Everman and Oink-N-Moo BBQ in Dallas:


Underground BBQ is a new show coming to the Travel Channel that “pits neighbors against neighbors across the country in an epic BBQ cooking contest.”

– 17th St. BBQ in Murphysboro is casting folks in the business of barbecue for a new barbecue show.

– Thrillist followed The Shed BBQ team around the Memphis in May barbecue competition and filed this detailed report.

– Some barbecue tips from the BBQ Kings of Kuwait.

– Now barbecue joints are referred to as fast-casual concepts, or at least that’s what QSR Magazine calls Smoque in Chicago.

– Next week Blue Moon BBQ in Edge, TX will begin selling beef short ribs on Saturdays:


– Eater’s essential 38 restaurants in Dallas include Lockhart Smokehouse, Pecan Lodge, Smoke, and Woodshed Smokehouse. 

– Eater’s essential 38 in Austin includes Stiles Switch, Franklin Barbecue, and la Barbecue. 

– Foodable puts Smoke and Lockhart Smokehouse into their Top 25 of Dallas restaurants. 

– A little sausage for your Fourth of July celebration?


– Zagat Austin does some vegan barbecue trolling.

– Zagat Houston recounts their favorite meals so far this year, including the beef rib from Killen’s BBQ.

– USA Today published their list of the ten best barbecue joints in the South.

– Instead of another BBQ Top 10 List, here’s a group of barbecue related music videos.

– Dallas is getting a BBQ Festival:


– On the future of barbecue and the science of smoking. 

– Daniel Delaney explains how he tries to stay true to Texas barbecue at his Brooklyn barbecue joint Delaney Barbecue. 

– The Houston Chronicle hones in on the affect that high beef prices are having on barbecue joints. 

– Killen’s BBQ in Pearland is just eating those high beef prices, but it’s not hurting their success

– The Smoking Ho has found good barbecue in Lubbock

– Grilling vs. BBQ:


– A site called Chef Steps has provided twenty-one barbecue how-to videos.

– There’s a new barbecue joint is coming to Little Elm called Big Daddy’s.

– Test your barbecue knowledge with this BBQ IQ test from Garden & Gun.

– Want a full barbecue meal with your Bloody Mary?