Thrillist has ranked every state based on their food and drink options. Texas scored a #2 ranking based mainly on our great barbecue.

Texas Barbecue Week starts this Sunday, and there’s some good eating to do around Texas barbecue joints.

John Raven, the Commissioner of Barbecue shared a message for Barbecue Week including such opinions as “The Austin Trailer Trash Barbecue has grown to unreal proportions,” and “cook-offs are where the new
products and techniques are invented and refined. You won’t find a single barbecue joint with a research and development department.”

– J. C. Reid of the Houston Chronicle discusses tradition vs. progress in the world of Texas barbecue.

– I think “best-ever” is going a little far for baked ribs:


– Eater Austin collects the early word on Terry Black’s BBQ in Austin

– El Paso’s Off The Grill barbecue truck has won the 2014 BBQ Truck of the Year

Candace Brooks of Houston’s Harlon’s BBQ is interviewed by CocoaFab. 

– A couple of Brits talk about what makes for good American style barbecue. There’s not much in here to argue with, but they sure make Cookshacks sound fancy. I also found this comment a bit strange: “[W]e both loved the whole Deep South dirty Americana smokehouse thing.” 

Hill Country BBQ in Washington DC was closed for a few days for some health department violations. 

– This is how North Carolina treats their oldest operating barbecue joint:


– Kansas City is famous for burnt ends. Here’s how they came about, and where to find them now.

– If you’re looking for barbecue options in Atlanta, Eater has a map for that.

– Zagat asks, sauce or no sauce?

– A little bit of Texas barbecue in Paris at The Beast.

– Not a great rating for Underwood’s:


– Hays County BBQ in San Marcos was profiled by their local paper

La Barbecue is moving later this year, and adding a new pit. 

– Will Buckman of Corkscrew BBQ in Spring and Ronnie Killen of Killen’s BBQ in Pearland share their barbecue tips

– Corkscrew BBQ is getting a new pit, which means a lengthy closure for them. They will close on August 3rd, and will not reopen until August 26th. 

– Franklin Barbecue is back open after a little construction. Here’s a look at their new pit room

Aaron Franklin talks about the expansion to Austin’s KUT. On why he doesn’t charge more for his barbecue: “I feel that we’re charging as much as we can, and that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t cost us an arm and a leg to produce that, but it’s just not worth any more. I would feel guilty charging somebody more than we do.” 

– This Philadelphia blogger thought Franklin Barbecue was worth the wait

– Meat vs. Meat: 


– Toronto now has a vegetarian butcher shop featuring Yam Chops and Coconut Ba-Con.

– The tiniest grill you’ve ever seen.

– From Forbes: Team Carbeque’s goal was to “build a race car that makes slow cooked traditional barbecue while it drives.”

Traveling with a lit pit can be hazardous to your truck.

– If you’d like to hear me talk to the CBS Evening News about being the Barbecue Editor

– Watch a step-by-step tutorial on how to break down a hog with Morgan Weber of Houston’s Revival Market.

– There’s a big BBQ Cook Off in Pasadena, Texas this weekend:


– Nightline highlights the great Texas style barbecue in Brooklyn at Hometown Bar-B-Que and Delaney Barbecue. 

– Here’s a photo gallery of Hometown Bar-B-Que in Brooklyn captured at 2:00pm on a Sunday by Daniel Kreiger. 

Chuck Eats the Street, a show on the Cooking Channel, will air their Austin episode tonight which features Stiles Switch BBQ. 

– Mark Evanier on how reading all these barbecue lists are a little like looking at a Playboy. 

– This list of Texas BBQ joints from Gear Patrol has plenty of the usual suspects, but at least one big surprise:


Myron Mixon did a Q&A session on Reddit this week. He shared more than I expected, and he’s never been to Franklin Barbecue.

– This article from Indian Country claims that South Carolina is the birthplace of American barbecue.

– Eleven grilling disaster videos from Eater.

– 425, people:


– A Fort Worth Star Telegram profile of Bailey’s Bar-B-Que in downtown Fort Worth. 

– Along with this photo gallery, Eater Houston does a Q&A with Ronnie Killen of Pearland’s Killen’s BBQ. 

– Another lengthy and well-written profile of Pecan Lodge in Dallas. This one comes from Eater in their new column called Smoked that profiles barbecue restaurants.

– A review of Pecan Lodge: “Each bite, upholstered in fat, topped with peppery crust, made it hard to imagine getting brisket any other way.” 

– There’s going to be some barbecue at the Taste of Dallas this weekend:


– There’s a new California-style taco truck in Grapevine, Texas called So-Cal Tacos. They’ve been smoking some brisket.

– There’s a rumor in the Waco Tribune that Salt Lick BBQ is eyeing a new spot in Waco.

– President Obama came to Dallas for $10,000 per plate barbecue, and Austin’s John Mueller catered it.

– You can now buy $250 tickets for a dinner at Franklin Barbecue in Austin on September 20th with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

– From Samuel Jones of Skylight Inn: “There’s a time when barbecue wasn’t cool. It was in the armpit of the culinary world.”