– In an interview with the Houston Chronicle, Goode Co. owner Levi Goode is disgruntled with “high-profile places that throw two or three briskets on the smoker and sell out by 11 a.m.”

– How a few Austin restaurants, including Franklin Barbecue and la Barbecue, deal with their massive lines. Also, Alison Clem from la Barbecue said they can hear every word you mutter while waiting for your food. Be nice.

– Zagat shares six great Austin barbecue joints that are open for dinner.

– Central Texas style BBQ in Monterrey, Mexico:


– Tyler’s BBQ is featured in this round up of good eats in Amarillo from Full & Content. 

An interview with Aaron Hernandez of Hays County BBQ in San Marcos on the Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt blog. 

– San Antonio Magazine profiles Jason Dady who owns Two Bros. BBQ Market and B&D Ice House in SA. 

– The Smoking Ho checked out Wilhite’s in Creedmoor and found some decent barbecue. 

– Plan accordingly:


– The Dallas Morning News indentifies some under $15 wine pairings they like with Pecan Lodge brisket. Eleven reds made the cut.

– Pecan Lodge shares some insight on their brisket smoking methods with the Dallas Observer.

– Zagat learned some secrets from Lockhart Smokehouse at their Smoke Camp.

– Zagat then calls Neopolitan style pizza the “new barbecue,” but we all know that nothing usurps the power of barbecue.

– Skeeter Miller of the County Line loves Texas beef:


– Estately just published its study of “The Most/Least Babecue-Crazed States in America.” In it, Alabama took the top spot, Texas was fourth, and Connecticut came in last.

– Buzzfeed wants to know which barbecue food you are. Take the quiz if you care to find out.

– Central Texas style barbecue at ZZQ in Richmond, VA.

– Thrillist shares a few more Texas style barbecue joints outside of Texas.

– A detailed look at how Delaney Barbecue is making Texas-style hot guts in NYC:


– What you can expect from a cold smoker made out of an old filing cabinet

– “These people know what you’re going to want to eat before you do.” 

– A touching story about Marshall, Texas native Y. A. Tittle who became famous on the football field, and was a regular at Neely’s Pig Stand in Marshall. 

– Tim Love shares his pork rib recipe with epicurious:


– Tickets are on sale for a BBQ Block Party on 8/31 at Houston’s St. Arnold Brewery, featuring Killen’s BBQ and la Barbecue.

– The VIP tickets sold out for the TMBBQ Festival in a few minutes, but you can still get general admission tickets.

– This grill canopy is pretty ingenious. They just need a little kickstart to make it a reality.

– A barbecue competition team is featured on a Bank of America commercial:


Kent Black’s BBQ in San Marcos should be open by next month. 

– Barrett Black of Black’s BBQ served as a guest judge on Spike TV’s Frankenfood

– High meat prices are putting a hurt on Fort Worth-area barbecue joints

– Greg Blonder illustrates how humidity affects the smoking time of meat by smoking a sponge

– This is what you might look like after eating twenty beef ribs:


– Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ in Austin has expanded their capacity with a new smoker

– Killen’s BBQ in Pearland also has a new smoker

– Chef Michael Symon will open a new barbecue joint in Cleveland. Mabel’s BBQ is set to open this fall. 

– Evidently, Baltimore is also catching on to the barbecue trend

– President Obama sure has a taste for legendary barbecue joints recently: