– That’s actually the longest grilling marathon there, #hotdog:


– The Austinot shares some advice on getting good barbecue in Austin without the huge lines

– There’s a Franklin Barbecue bingo game

– A guide to injecting meat before it hits the grill or the smoker, from Meathead at Amazingribs. 

– Follow along as Lesli Marshall creates a mural for Pecan Lodge in Dallas:

– J.C. Reid of the Houston Chronicle thinks that Houston should be using it’s diversity to create a barbecue style unique to the city

– J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans requires up to 9,000 calories daily, and he fills some of that requirement with smoked meats from Killen’s Barbecue. 

– Gatlin’s BBQ in Houston has been closed since early this year, but their new building should be ready for a Labor Day opening

– The Kosher BBQ Challenge is coming to Dallas this weekend: 


Southern Smoke is scheduled for 10/11 in Houston. Chris Shepherd is bringing Aaron Franklin, Rodney Scott, and Sean Brock in for a massive barbecue event that benefits MS research. Tickets go on sale on 8/24.

– Wolfgang Puck, Adam Perry Lang, and Francis Mallmann are getting together for a barbecue dinner in L.A. in a couple weeks.

– The 2016 version of Foodways Texas Camp Brisket sold out in ten seconds.

– More smoked beef from Portland, Oregon:


– In Punt, Pass, and Pork, Andy Staples gets some whole hog at Lamar Lounge in Oxford, Mississippi. 

– A smoked meat sonnet. Love. Passion. BBQ

– A look at how barbecue became America’s favorite cooking method

– Sometimes you just gotta grill:


– “You eat a steak, you kill a lemur in Madagascar. You eat a chicken, you kill an Amazonian parrot.”

– “A good quality liquid smoke like Wright’s or Colgin are nothing more than wood smoke that has been condensed and captured in water and stuck in a bottle. It’s literally the exact same stuff that gets deposited on your meat when you smoke it in a smoker, and there’s no reason to shun it or be afraid of it.”

– BBQ Recon has been busy. They’ve posted reviews of Smoke Shack and the Big Bib in San Antonio   and Big Cat BBQ in Cedar Park.

– Kerlin BBQ in Austin will be closed for vacation this week, reopening on 08/28.

– Somebody has strong feelings:


– Texas Monthly’s Sam Hart looks at the recent spate of brisket banditry

– The founder of the Savory Spice Shop, Mike Johnston, is in the midst of a massive barbecue road trip

– Bryan Bracewell of Southside Market is up for a former student profile from Texas A&M. 

– Chicago struck by killer Meatwave: