– Jan Harding was poisoned at a Dickey’s BBQ in Utah after an employee mistakenly added sodium hydroxide into the sweet tea.

– Dickey’s BBQ plans to open their 500th location before the end of the year.

– I promise, you’ll miss the meat:


– Austin Woman Magazine named their top 10 food trucks in town, which included Micklethwait Craft Meats and la Barbecue. 

– Full & Content talks to Matti Bills and Geo Ellis of Mum Foods about their smoked brisket

– The Smoking Ho enjoys a visit to Hays County BBQ in San Marcos

– New homemade sausage at Hutchins BBQ:


– The Dallas Observer goes shigging with Tim Byres of Smoke.

– After one day in business, the owner of Ten 50 BBQ in Richardson feels like they have the brisket to rival the best in Texas saying “Franklin’s in Austin is the gold standard and we think we’ve matched that.”

– The Beer in Big D blog examines the craft beer options at Ten 50 BBQ.

– The Houston Chronicle profiles John Avila who plans to open El Burro and the Bull in Houston.

– Cutters of meat:


Watch Meatballs and eat meatballs at Micklethwait Craft Meats tomorrow evening. 

Watch American Grilled on the Travel Channel next Wednesday to see how Evan LeRoy of Freedmen’s Bar in Austin handles the competition. 

– Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt interviews Barrett Black of Black’s BBQ in Lockhart. 

– Wayne Mueller explains his barbecue options to legendary livestock industry consultant, Temple Grandin:


– Bon Appetit released their list of best new restaurants. Among the nominees is Grand Central Market in LA which houses a Texas style barbecue joint called Horse Thief BBQ.

– The New York Times investigates a few great places for smoked brisket in New York.

A reference to Franklin Barbecue in Austin somehow made it into a discussion about health insurance by lawmakers.

– 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House in Frisco has added a menu item:


– Greg Blonder investigates the scientific cause for the smoke ring. The conclusions are a little surprising.

– Thrillist asked barbecue folks from all over the country how they’ve seen the industry changing lately.

– A little barbecue porn for your Thursday: