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– Foodways Texas released this oral history of Dzuik’s Meat Market in Castroville.

– “And one of the reasons we’re seeing this renaissance in Southern food in general and barbecue in particular is that it has this crazy, beautiful, tragic resonance.” – John T. Edge

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Fatboy’s BBQ in Cooper has moved into their new building in a new location.

– Wanna buy a barbecue joint?


– Eater Dallas spotlights the most anticipated new restaurants, including the Kansas City style barbecue restaurant 18th & Vine

Oasis Smokehouse will open soon in Dallas near the Arboretum. 

JD’s BBQ has been closed for two years, but will reopen in Dallas. 

Bedford Blues & BBQ festival and competition is on this weekend. 

Dickey’s Barbecue will begin selling their products on grocery store shelves. 

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