– I reiterated on the Texas Standard that sous vide meat with liquid smoke is not barbecue.

For The Love of Meat, a documentary about Texas barbecue and the pitmasters who make it will debut with a screening in Austin on 10/08.

– Catch a glimpse of Wayne Mueller, a younger Aaron Franklin, and Jake Silverstein in this For the Love of Meat trailer:

For the Love of Meat – Trailer from Jeff Jones on Vimeo.

– Dave Cathey at The Daily Oklahoman penned a lengthy homage to the magic of Franklin Barbecue.

– The Today Show visited Franklin Barbecue in Austin, and Yo-Yo Ma enjoyed a bite of brisket back in the studio.

– Eater Austin traveled to Portland to report on Aaron Franklin’s barbecue event at Feast Portland.

– A cow head sandwich from Aaron Franklin was one of the ten best things Zagat ate at Feast Portland.

– Good stuff from multiple perspectives:


– The OinknMoo BBQ trailer in Dallas suffered a devastating fire. They have set up a Go Fund Me page to help with repairs. 

– Mama & Papa B’s BBQ in Waco suffered a fire, and hopes to reopen in the next couple weeks. 

– Munchies has more on the Kentucky Brisket Tosser:


AustOberfest is a beer and sausage festival coming to Austin on 10/17.

Bacon Bash Texas is coming to Cranfills Gap, Texas on 10/17.

Barbecue on the Pedernales will take place at the LBJ Ranch on 10/24

– Another national chain jumps on the brisket bandwagon:


– The Burns barbecue legacy in Houston shows the importance of the younger generation’s involvement. 

– 3 of the 22 most anticipated restaurant openings from CultureMap Houston are barbecue joints. 

– Here’s a look inside the new brick-and-mortar location of Pappa Charlie’s Barbeque in Houston that will open soon. 

– The Smoking Ho was impressed with a stop at Pappa Charlie’s Barbeque during a trip to Houston. 

– Cattleack Barbecue in Dallas just got a new smoker, built by John Lewis:


– Cattleack Barbecue was named best barbecue in Dallas by the Dallas Observer. The Slow Bone was considered the best lunch.

– Jill Bergus of Lockhart Smokehouse in Dallas and Plano shares her social media secrets.

Billy’s Oak Acres in Fort Worth is expanding (or maybe moving).

– A mostly accurate regional barbecue guide:


– Jim Shahin of the Washington Post went to North Carolina in search of wood cooked whole hog, and found more than he bargained for. 

St. Louis pitmasters talk about the history of their city’s barbecue. 

Chef’s Kitchen & Smokehouse, a Texas style barbecue restaurant, has recently opened in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

HooDoo Brown Barbeque has brought Texas-style barbecue to Connecticut. 

– An older one, but now out from behind the paywall:


– Scrumptious Chef reminds us what’s to love about Ruby’s BBQ in Austin.

– Here are 12 great sausages in Austin according to Eater Austin. You’ll find a few barbecue options in there.

– This Friday the live music series Live at the Switch kicks off at Stiles Switch BBQ in Austin.

– Thankfully, this abomination from Wendy’s comes with the disclaimer of “Actor Portrayal”: