Meshack’s BBQ in Garland is named best BBQ in Dallas by the Dallas Observer.

– The Dallas Observer also shares their top 10 BBQ joint list for the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

– Costco now serves barbecue, and it comes in individual servings:


– Here’s a full rundown of the US beef market, including the fact that the Feeder Cattle Index hit an all-time high last week.  

– Brooks Place BBQ in Cypress had announced a brick and mortar location. Now the deal has fallen through, but they’re still open for business:



– A film about competition barbecue called American Smoke should be available for purchase tomorrow according to the production company’s website.  The badass trailer has certainly peaked my interest.

– The Eli Young Band filmed a video in Dallas. The locations included Smoke restaurant in West Dallas.

– Government shutdown – BBQ edition:


– A stripped down version of a stolen barbecue pit was found in Waco. They’re stealing pits for the rims now. 

– I’m not sure what the point is, but a San Francisco-based industrial designer has successfully used a laser printer on meat

– Deep Ellum neighborhood now has a late-night barbecue option:


– Alton Brown takes a tour of the Beyond Meat factory where they make synthetic “meat”. It’s a fascinating profile. 

– I found a few Austin BBQ videos from the Texas Food Crawlers. They visit Stiles Switch, Live Oak BBQ, and la Barbecue. Also, if you were wondering what happened to Paul Peterson from the first season of BBQ Pitmasters, here he is at work

– Paul Qui is has been playing with some smoked meat on his menu at Qui in Austin. Last weekend it was brisket. This week’s foray was pecan smoked ribeye:


– Mama J’s BBQ & Grill in The Woodlands finds a new, larger location.

– Tim Love is cooking a whole steer at ACL Festival in Austin. He tweeted out this photo of his rig.

Tim Love whole steer
Tim Love’s whole steer roaster


– Texas teams took first and second place at this year’s Smoke @ ICC competition in New York City. Here’s a recap form earlier this week, and another with more photos.

– While Jason Dady of Two Bros. was competing in New York, the rest of his team was back in San Antonio picking up sixth place in ribs at the San Antonio Stock Show:


– The BBQ Central Show is a weekly show dedicated to BBQ. You can find it online here every Tuesday at 8:00 CT. Host Greg Rempe announced that he’d be expanding the show to Wednesdays too starting this week.

Smolik’s Smokehouse in Mathis, Texas is building a second location. Here’s a construction update:



– Hard 8 BBQ in Roanoke will host Dale Earnhardt Jr. tonight for a BBQ Pit Stop event which will benefit Speedway Chiildren’s Charities.

– makes a giant stretch to get BBQ into this headline for a story on Jimmy Johnson and his upcoming race in Kansas City.

– John Mueller is the food curator for this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin. He announced his list of food vendors last week, and tweeted an ad for FFFFest featuring him that came out recently:


– Esquire’s Josh Ozersky is making uninformed claims about Texas BBQ again. I sure wish he’d put in some effort to find all the great Austin barbecue joints he is obviously not aware of. Maybe he can do that while he’s in Texas next month for his Meatopia Texas food festival.

– Evan LeRoy of Freedmen’s Bar took issue with Ozersky’s comments as well. Hopefully he takes Evan up on his offer.