– Apparently, Arby’s thinks smoking a brisket is pretty easy. Then again, they just have to warm it up in the microwave:


– J C Reid asks if the character of a pitmaster matters when choosing which barbecue joints to visit.

M-Train BBQ has opened in the lot vacated by John Mueller Meat Co. in Austin.

– After being praised by the Dallas Morning News last week, Heim Barbecue gets the spotlight in the Star Telegram.

– Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg drops some BBQ knowledge:


– The Smoking Ho loves Truth BBQ as much as the rest of us, and then there’s that cake. 

We Slaughter Barbecue, the barbecue joint south of Bastrop housed in a building used in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, celebrated its grand opening over the weekend. 

– Bon Appetit’s guide to San Antonio suggests The Granary and Smoke Shack. 

– Great reporting, but a bummer of a conclusion:


– “A [meat] thermometer only works if you know where to stick it.”

– Jared Guynes of Rockwall, Texas led the protest against Chick-Fil-A’s new barbecue sauce. Now they’re returning to the old recipe.

– Little Caesars is now putting smoked brisket on a pizza.

– I don’t even know what’s happening here, but I can’t stop watching:


– A dishwasher at Going’s BBQ in Crosby, Texas caught the ire of police and the rest of the internet after blaring F*** Tha Police from the kitchen while an officer dined there. 

– The Houston Press have named their best barbecue joint in town, which is Killen’s Barbecue. The best ribs come from Tejas Chocolate.

– A barbecue icon in Memphis has reopened after a fire:


– Pitmaster Ed Mitchell has had a hard time keeping his barbecue joints open, but he plans two new ones in North Carolina next year.

– Thrillist profiled John Lewis, pit builder and pitmaster at Charleston’s Lewis Barbecue.

– The AJC offers some tips on cooking Kosher barbecue as they report from the Atlanta Kosher Barbecue Competition.

Tuffy Stone is a French-trained chef and one of the most decorated competition barbecue cooks in the country. His hometown magazine offers this profile.

– Sad news out of Beaumont where one of the last remaining Pig Stands has been demolished: