– “In 2013 the U.S. produced almost the same amount of beef as it did in 1976, about 13 million tons. It achieved this while slaughtering 10 million fewer cattle.” From an in-depth look into the cattle industry, with a focus on Texas, from National Geographic.

– National Geographic took a look at cattle breeding and even cloning, mainly on Texas ranches.

– Mother Jones talked to Ted Genoways about his new book The Chain where he examines a neurological disease prevalent in pig slaughterhouses.

America’s meatiest cities are ranked by CNN. Prowess in barbecue is heavily emphasized in many selections.

– In case you plan to vote for Texas Governor based on barbecue preference:


– The Houston Chronicle examines the beef supply chain, then shares some knowledge on how beef grades can affect barbecue quality

– The Smoking Ho visited the Smokey Denmark barbecue trailer in Austin and fell in love with the smoked boudin. 

– Franklin Barbecue got a lengthy mention on the Tony Kornheiser show. Check in at the 15:20 mark 

– Barbecue calculations:


Assault by barbecue sauce in San Francisco.

– A San Francisco paper fancies themselves an expert on the quality of southern barbecue.

– From the Dallas Observer “After the rally, revelers can enjoy free barbecue and a swastika burning on private property.”

Eric Harvis was shot and killed while operating his barbecue food truck in Oakland.

Yardbird Smoked Meats, a Texas style barbecue restaurant, has opened in Oakland.

Bill Wall, aka “Billy Bones,” a legend in the rib cook-off circuit, passed away at 74. Here’s a retrospective on his life.

– Q For a Cause is coming to Houston this Saturday:


– The Hog Eye Festival, featuring pork barbecue, is coming to Elgin, Texas this weekend. 

– The Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Competition brings the best barbecue teams from around the world to Tennessee. They’ll compete this weekend. 

– Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt shares some photos from last weekend’s Gettin’ Sauced festival in Austin. 

– The NBBQA conference, held in San Marcos in 2013, is going to Nashville next year. 

– Garden & Gun shares a few ways to use up your leftover barbecue

– The Whole Foods in NYC trades ramen for barbecue

– American barbecue is now popular in Germany with three barbecue joints in Berlin alone:


– In the midst of a barbecue boom, the Aussies ask “Just how much American barbecue can we take?”

– Creative Loafing in Atlanta explores the possibility of an Atlanta barbecue style.

– Oklahoman Jim Ross, a former WWE color commentator, now has a line of JR’s barbecue sauces and other condiments.

– Pflugerville resident Daniel Caldwell is planning to market a new barbecue sauce, and has Stubb’s sauce in his sights.

– They’ve hung the sign at Black’s BBQ in Austin, and the doors will open soon:


– Foodways Texas has produced an oral history with Greg Gatlin of Gatlin’s BBQ in Houston. 

– There’s a lot of barbecue in this Food & Wine listing of favorite dishes in Texas (some are my choices). 

– In Thrillist’s list of ways you can tell someone has just moved to Dallas, #5 and #8 are all about local barbecue knowledge. 

– A look back at Thrillist’s Blues & BBQ event in NYC. 

– Beloved Verna’s Café in Euless has permanently closed and will be replaced by a Soulman’s Bar-B-Que

– There’s a new BBQ parody movie on the market called BBQ Titmasters (you read that right), and this trailer is SFW:


– The AP travel editor visited Arthur Bryant’s in Kansas City, but called for reservations first. 

– Jim Gaffigan talks about his love for Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ in Kansas City in his new book Food : A Love Story

– A look at the Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church barbecue and its famous Brunswick stew

– Robb Walsh found some impressive barbecue in Mexico: