– You have three days to get your tickets to Sunday’s Texas Monthly BBQ Festival.

– You have four days to get us your nomination for the next Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ List.

– The fourth installment of Burnt Legend:


– Tuffy Stone and his Cool Smoke team won an unprecedented third title at the Jack Daniel’s Championship Invitational Barbecue.

Southern Smoke is coming up soon in Houston, and here’s some backstory on why the event was created and the charity it benefits.

– J C Reid examines the many variations of the beef rib in and around Houston.

– MmmmmmoonPies:


– In describing the vegan brisket at V-Eats, the Dallas Observer gets in a solid barbecue burn: “No, it doesn’t taste quite like a brisket, but yes, it is pretty fun and tasty. Go on — live a little. It’s not like we’re suggesting you go eat at Dickey’s.” 

– Food & Wine also weighed in on the vegan brisket in Dallas. 

– Bridge construction in Fort Worth is putting a major strain on business at Angelo’s

– The Men In Blazers show took in some BBQ at Hard 8 in Roanoke:


– Eating Las Vegas takes a tour through Lockhart, and then heads north to Snow’s BBQ and Louie Mueller Barbecue before settling in for some of Austin’s best.

– Someone broke into La Barbecue in Austin and stole their tip jar.

– The battle of Stubb’s vs. Stubb’s rages on in Austin.

– A hot take from former NYT food critic:


– Andy Staples praises the brisket at Smoque in Chicago in his weekly Punt, Pass & Pork report. 

– As the barbecue boom expands to Wisconsin, they’re not quite used to the smell of smoking meat

– The only whole hog barbecue joint in Mississippi is rebranding after the burger was outselling the barbecue 4:1

– A New York Times reporter flew to North Carolina just for a pork sandwich at Skylight Inn, and I don’t blame him. 

– “[T]he selection of the house sauces, we would find, was the best sign of good barbecue.”: