– With brisket prices coming down, both Killen’s Barbecue in Pearland and Riverport Barbecue in Jefferson have lowered their prices on brisket.

– Rick Bayless is insightful on the future of barbecue, and he puts the smack down on the way barbecue is generally portrayed on television.

– A yodel dedicated to Franklin Barbecue:


– Austin American Statesman food critic Matthew Odam released his list of the 25 best restaurants in Austin. Franklin Barbecue (whose owner Aaron Franklin is the southwest region’s reigning best chef) only gets the #14 spot. La Barbecue, who Odam said was better than Franklin last year, didn’t make the list. 

– Big news in Austin as Bill Dumas leaves the Smokey Denmark BBQ Trailer for Stiles Switch, and Keenan Goldis takes over duties at Smokey Denmark. 

– Stiles Switch BBQ in Austin is also expanding their dining room

– The Galt Herald in California suggests Texas as a destination for Man-cations, primarily for the barbecue. 

– Missed this bit of news, but La Barbecue also has a new head pitmaster in Jack Zizzo:


– Central Track visits the new 18th & Vine BBQ in Dallas, and files this report.

– You can stick with turkey for Thanksgiving, or fill the table with brisket and ribs from Pecan Lodge which is now taking pre-orders.

– Fatboys BBQ in Cooper will be having a grand opening celebration of their new location on 11/07.

– Calvin Trillin goes searching for True ‘Cue in North Carolina:


– Carey Bringle of Peg Leg Porker in Nashville has some strong thoughts on the True ‘Cue folks, like “[I]f you didn’t invent fire, you don’t own BBQ. We don’t need you as our savior.” 

Tuffy Stone and his Cool Smoke team won the Jack Daniel’s barbecue competition this last weekend. It’s only the second team to have won the competition twice in its twenty-seven year history. 

– Munchies has more to say about the thief who stole the barbecue pit and its contents from the Texas funeral. 

– The Barbecue Bible shares their top ten tips for barbecue tailgating

– Big Mista’s BBQ in Long Beach, CA suffered a vehicle related mishap:

We feel bad that she felt the need to create her own drive thru for a Bigmista sammich. #bigmista #bbq #sammich

A photo posted by Bigmista’s Barbecue (@bigmistasbbq) on Oct 22, 2015 at 4:13pm PDT


– The Texas Monthly BBQ Festival is happening in just a few days. Get your tickets here, and don’t forget to set your clocks back the night before.

– The Houston BBQ Throwdown is coming next weekend, and tickets are still available.

King’s Hwy. Brew & Q, by pitmaster Emilio Soliz, is open for business in San Antonio.

– Adrian Davila of Davila’s BBQ in Seguin competed on the show BBQ Blitz.

– Corkscrew BBQ outgrows their trailer:


Beef brisket is sweeping the UK with a new-found popularity. 

– According to the Baltimore Sun, their town is in the midst of a barbecue boom

– Country music legend Michael Martin Murphey and partners will open Texas-style barbecue restaurant Wildfire Smokehaus in Utah. 

– A Michigan barbecue joint alleges that Mercantile bank foreclosed on them as part of a pattern of racist behavior against its black clients

– Study up on South Carolina whole hog cooking next weekend:


– The World Health Organization has designated processed and smoked meats like bacon and sausage, just as dangerous as asbestos and cigarettes saying they are all known carcinogens.

– The beef industry was quick with their reaction piece to the report.

– The satire site News Watch 9000 found a man who has began using a meat vaporizer to replace ingesting processed and smoked meats in his diet.

– The Onion confirms “the National Institute of Food and Agriculture released a report Tuesday linking red meat to contentedly patting one’s belly.”

– The best reaction to the meat = carcinogen story might be Stephen Colbert literally smoking bacon in a pipe: