– Lonely Planet just included Texas as a Top 10 regional destination in the world.  That’s flattering, but their BBQ choices across the state are pretty ill-informed, especially Harold’s in Abilene which has been closed for two years.

– Here’s what they learned about how to cook lamb and cabrito at Texas A&M.

– Also at Texas A&M’s BBQ course, they looked at the effect on taste of wrapping briskets in foil.

– Wine & Swine is coming to Austin on 11/10. There will be much meat and drink. Here’s the full line-up.

– I’m not sure if the label is supposed to look appetizing, but Charles Barkley has a line of supermarket ribs:


– The iconic sandwiches of all 50 states from Slate. Of course Texas’s is a brisket sandwich while North Carolina’s is a chili burger.  

– The Lone Star Barbecue Society held their big championship over the weekend in Meridian, Texas. Angie “The Grillin’ Granny” Pruett took home the title.  

– The Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival was last Sunday. There was plenty to say afterwards. Here are a few great wrap-ups:

Escape Hatch Dallas
Zagat Austin  
Smoking Ho
Austin Chronicle  
CultureMap Austin 

– Meatopia Texas was also held this past weekend in San Antonio. We didn’t make it, but plenty of others did including CultureMap HoustonKENS5, and Eater Austin.

– That’s right, smoked cabbage: 



Matador Meat & Wine is an established meat market in the Dallas area. Beginning next week they will begin serving barbecue on Wednesdays.

– Austin has a new barbecue food truck called Lone Star BBQ.

– Next week in Round Rock a new barbecue joint will open up. This one will be combination of Texas and Carolina style barbecue called Curly’s Carolina, TX. Interesting.

– Texas style BBQ joints opened recently in Chehalis, WashingtonYork, Pennsylvania; and Harajuku, Japan.

– I’m sure Myron Mixon gets some hate mail from some losers on BBQ Pitmasters, but he got a great letter from a young fan this week:


– Here are a few great shots from Dia de los Puercos last week at Four Corners brewery in Dallas.

– San Antonio Magazine really likes the Granary. “Nighttime is when Tim [Rattray] turns his smoker into a workshop…”

– The student newspaper staff at Cal State Long Beach has discovered the beauty of Texas barbecue, but I’m not sure where he found tri-tip in Austin.

– It only looks like pork, but it’s made of stone:

Pork Rocks


– Author Kathleen Flinn shares her trip to Texas to take in some barbecue and see a barbecue pit get blessed at Texas A&M.  For more on the blessing of the it, check here.

– The Salt Lick makes it on GQ’s list of best airport restaurants.

Gabby’s BBQ celebrates 35 years in Houston.

Cranky Frank has some strong feelings on chopped beef:


Bob’s Barbecue in Henderson is profiled in the local paper. That’s a god looking brisket sandwich.

– How cheap must the ingredients be to make a rib sandwich that costs only $1? Burger King knows. They’ve introduced a new “rib” sandwich with a “juicy boneless rib patty.

– Pitmaker is a Houston-based barbecue pit manufacturer and designer. They are profiled by KHOU.

– A food service trade magazine provides an interesting angle on the current popularity of barbecue. Snack companies are adding more and more BBQ flavorings into their products. Also, did you know a company in Maryland called Fuchs North America probably makes the seasonings on many of your favorite chips?