– A whole new meaning to cow tipping:


Texas Monthly’s list of the 120 top tacos in the state includes Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ, Vera’s Backyard BBQ, and Bill Miller BBQ. 

– A segment from the Texas Standard about our 25 best new barbecue joints list. 

– Eater examines the challenges of running an airport restaurant location, like the Salt Lick. 

– Bourdain gets whole hog barbecue in South Carolina:


– Texas Tech has won another national championship in meat judging.

– Granbury’s Homer Robinson came to teach Texas A&M’s barbecue class about chuckwagon cooking.

– The brand new Market Barbeque is open in Laredo.

– Zagat likes the Big Rib at Smoke in Dallas:


– In Dallas, the barbecue competition Meat Fight raised $150,000 for MS research.

– SideDish has the results of Meat Fight and The Smoking Ho has plenty more photos.

– The Dallas Observer went to Blues, Bandits, and BBQ in Oak Cliff and got these great photos.

– John Lewis of La Barbecue/John Lewis Barbecue competes in the Waffle House challenge:


Lakewood Smokehouse will open next month in Dallas.

– Barbecue guru Steven Raichlen visited KC-themed 18th & Vine BBQ in Dallas and told the owners “This is better than most of the barbecue in Kansas City.”

– “After opening a projected 72 stores in 2015, the third-generation restaurateur has set his sights on Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines.” D Magazine on Dickey’s BBQ.

– There is now a barbecue competition show on Australian television:


– Lucky Peach’s Peter Meehan is mighty fond of Electric Mud BBQ in Toronto. 

– Local critic defends Pittsburgh barbecue scene with example of ribs served once a week. 

– These dishes helped inspire the culinary career of pitmaster Adam Perry Lang

– What it takes to get the right food photograph:


– The Harvard Business Review uses the cost of Franklin Barbecue’s brisket to examine consumer attitudes toward restaurant pricing.

– Robert Moss tells Southern Living readers that he thinks barbecue portions are getting too big.

– This new grill design from Philipp Sack is as portable as they come.

– South Carolina is ready for Texas barbecue:


– The Witt Pit in Rosenburg gets this glowing review. 

– Urban Swank loves the brisket, turkey, and greens at Pappa Charlie’s Barbeque in Houston. 

– J. C. Reid of the Houston Chronicle examines the barbecue menu outside of smoked brisket

– The Eater cookbook of the year is all about Texas BBQ:


– The BBQ Shop in Farwell has suffered some vehicular-related setbacks and will be closed this week.

– “Bob will always be remembered for his Texas style beef brisket BBQ.” #obituarygoals

– Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina commissioned a study to see which of the state’s barbecue styles were more healthy. They went with the whole hog of the east.

– In sad news, Mann’s BBQ in Austin is closing for good: