Meat Fight is a barbecue competition held in Dallas this weekend. Chefs compete with their versions of barbecue, while pitmasters (and Ron Swanson) do the judging. One of the competing chefs is Dallas’s Brian Luscher, and he helped (we think) produce this parody video of how he’s changed since winning last year’s title along with team Meatallica:


– A report from Mississippi: Brisket is difficult, so just give up and smoke a tenderloin if you want beef barbecue.

– I concur:


– “All the grillin’. None of the killin’!” is the tag line of a new vegan barbecue truck in Austin (where else?). BBQ Revolution is their incredibly optimistic name. Their Facebook page indicates they have a smoker, but their “ribs” are made of tempeh. We predict multitudes of Texans approaching a truck called “BBQ Revolution” then walking away confused, shaking their heads, and driving the half mile to Stiles Switch BBQ

– Franklin Barbecue sous chef and meat cutter Fiore Tedesco was featured on the Food Network show Chopped

– The pastor at the Pioneer Drive Baptist Church in Abilene has the right idea:


Fort Worth Magazine readers and editors chose Railhead Smokehouse as Ft. Worth’s best barbecue with Cooper’s and Angelo’s close behind. Woodshed Smokehouse placed in categories of Meal with a View, Outdoor Dining, and Place to Take Visitors. 

– Tim Love and Jesse James designed a barbecue truck. This Toyota Tundra is built for tailgating, but where’s the smoker? 

– I’m not sure how we missed this from last month, but gave a nice shout out to Vitek’s while praising the Baylor offense:
ESPN Vitek's


– The barbecue photography of Robert J. Lerma was featured in the current issue of SMTX magazine. 

– Somebody had ribs on the brain when they wrote this promo:


– An interview with Steve Coddington of Lockhart’s BBQ – A Texas style barbecue joint in Michigan.

– A little kid visits Franklin Barbecue for his Youtube channel. His sign-off? Eat meat, live long, and prosper.

– This is what they do to barbecue in Georgia:


Broussard’s Links + Ribs in Beaumont is profiled in their local paper.

– An Australian newspaper has ranked the top 20 foodie experiences in the world. Franklin Barbecue in Austin is #19.

– Christmas is coming, and this is creepy from Micklethwait Craft Meats:


– The Austin Barbecue Society will meet on 11/18 and Tom Micklethwait will do the cooking. Tickets available here

– A bit of very dark barbecue noir for your reading pleasure. 

– Pitmaker wins the barbecue category of the 2013 World Food Championships in Las Vegas last weekend:



– The rib category at the World Food Championship was won by the BBQ Guru from Pennsylvania.

– Kerlin BBQ in Austin has expanded their hours, and they’re now open W-Sun 11-3.

– Three words – Smoked Ice Cream:


– Full & Content spends a day with John Lewis of la Barbecue. He’s always pushing his recipes, and the results are stunning. “Cuisine’s been evolving since… forever…Why shouldn’t BBQ?”

– Buried in that story on la Barbecue is the fact that they are planning to move, possibly to East 6th and Waller in Austin.

– It continues to amaze me, but London really loves barbecue.

First comes brisket, then comes love.

– Trading Post BBQ in Azle has closed and their old steel pit has been out out to pasture:


John Mueller Meat Co. featured in Zagat’s guide to East 6th St. in Austin.

– The Texas Tech meat judging team beats the Texas A&M meat judging team.

– Fat Boys BBQ in Cooper, Texas is experimenting with wrapping techniques:


– The Dallas Observer is celebrating Meat Week, and it begins with a history of this weekend’s sold out Meat Fight. Also included is the Observer’s take in the barbecue sauce conversationbarbecue sidesJamaican jerk barbecue, and a Dallas pork rib battle.

Ivory Lee Waldrup of Burns BBQ in Houston has passed away.

– First it was nacho-flavored sausage, but now Guy Fieri has really jumped the shark:


How far does smoke penetrate into your barbecue meat? Not very far says Greg Blonder.

– The Southern Foodways Alliance has been collecting oral histories from Georgia barbecue joints, and the collection was released this week.

– The Lockhart Smokehouse in Plano is under construction:


– Finally, things can be rough on the barbecue trail. Blogger Bryan has a near brush with death on his motorcycle last month, and is on the road to recovery. It’s good to see that barbecue wasn’t his last meal.