– Louie Gohmert has a burning desire to cook ribs at the US Capital:


– It looks like Gohmert’s balcony barbecue may be back up and running next year. 

Zimmerhanzel’s in Smithville is the classic on again, off again, on again, off again, on again barbecue joint relationship. In other words, they have reopened yet again. 

Terry Gordon was already $10,000 deep when he realized he couldn’t turn an old Royce City gas station into a barbecue joint. Now he has a mobile barbecue trailer. 

– For the third year in a row, Franklin Barbecue is on this list:


– Bon Appetit has some answers on where to find great barbecue for dinner in Austin.

– The BBQ Industry blog talked to Lance Kirkpatrick at Stiles Switch about their cooking methods and how they manage to keep from selling out of barbecue.

– The Scrumptious Chef has some notes on sourcing the right brisket.

– Reportedly, a barbecue trailer explosion did this in Houston:


– Robert Moss talked about his article on forgotten Georgia pitmasters with Michael Twitty and GPB News. 

– The best pitmaster in DC, per the Washington Post, is opening a new barbecue joint, but he’s gotta use a Southern Pride smoker. 

– Monk’s Meats is a vegan butcher shop in Brooklyn that also serves its smoked “wheat meat” at a barbecue stand. 

– This is why you front-load your barbecue trailer:


John Mueller was spotted in Houston at Pappa Charlie’s Barbeque making a sausage delivery. He hasn’t been seen in barbecue circles since his J Mueller Meat Co. in Austin was seized by the state for failure to pay sales taxes.

– Tickets for the HOU BBQ Festival are on sale, and there’s a limited time discount.

– Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt headed to Pinkerton’s Barbecue in Houston for their preview, and filed a report.

– Furious Grill has collected some of their favorite barbecue sites around the web and shared a description of each.

– Talking wood-fired cooking with Tim Byres:


– The Dallas Observer talked with Ashton Stauffer of Jambo’s BBQ Shack in Arlington about being a woman in barbecue. 

– Mike Sutter is back on the barbecue beat. This time it’s in Helotes at B Daddy’s BBQ

– The fourth annual Texas Kosher BBQ Championship comes to San Antonio this weekend. 

2M Smokehouse opened in San Antonio with poblano/Oaxaca cheese sausage, salt-and-pepper brisket, and barbecue syrup. 

– Four months after their first brick-and-mortar, Heim BBQ is going for #2:


– The Atlanta Journal Constitution took a barbecue tour with Bob Herndon, founder of the Atlanta Bar-B-Q Club. The article notes that Atlanta has more barbecue joints per capita than any other city.

– The BBQ Hub took issue with the AJC’s claim about the amount of barbecue in Atlanta, so they did some of their own figuring.

– J.C. Reid of the Houston Chronicle headed to North Carolina to savor the outside brown.

– John Shelton Reed muses on the mistakes often made by candidates when consuming North Carolina barbecue, and suggests Hillary may have had a better showing in the state if she’d chosen her barbecue meal more carefully.

– Brisket blessed by Bill Murray:

Ok…so we’re finally ready to give up our big secret…#brisketsblessedbybillmurray

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