Did you hear that every story on the Texas Monthly site is now free for the rest of 2020? Maybe you’d like to peruse some other barbecue stories.

Hungry in Houston?

And here is Houstonia’s guide for the Houston-area barbecue joints offering takeout.

Kingsford is pledging $250,000 total to a number of barbecue joints across the country. The first two $10,000 donations in Texas went to Daddy Duncan’s BBQ in Katy and Kerlin BBQ in Austin.

Houston-area Kroger stores have partnered with a couple of local restaurants, including Burns Original BBQ, to package prepared meals to sell at their stores.

He has retained his entire staff at three locations:

Bonnell’s Fine Texas Cuisine in Fort Worth was robbed, and the thieves stole a Southern Pride smoker.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram found a number of socially distanced barbecue lines in the area.

Travis Heim of Heim Barbecue discussed the creative ways he’s trying to keep his business above water, which includes becoming a raw-meat vendor from his and wife Emma’s two restaurants.

Mando Vera of Vera’s Backyard Bar-B-Que in Brownsville talked with the Southwest Food Service News about the history of the restaurant and his barbacoa method.

A Corpus Christi brewery adds barbecue to stay afloat:

Cattleack Barbeque in Dallas gave away three hundred pounds of brisket to the needy on Wednesday morning by distributing sixty bags of chopped brisket, with no questions asked.

Teddy’s BBQ in Weslaco is still open for its barbecue customers, and it’s also providing free meals to those in need.

Smokey Mo’s BBQ in Austin is donating meals to health-care workers, and have added a Mo’Nation Donation button to their website if you’d like to help.

Lisa Turner, cofounder of the Longhorn Cattle Company barbecue joint in San Benito, has passed away.

Gordon Decker isn’t stopping his Friday night barbecue tradition:

In Texas, LiftFund and Goldman Sachs have partnered to provide $50 million in small business relief loans tied to the PPP. Governor Greg Abbott announced the new fund along with Brent Reaves of Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que in Dallas.

“[R]egardless of how much you ask of chefs and restaurants, they show up. Even when we were the first industry to completely get annihilated by this, we show up.” —Hugh Acheson

D Magazine highlighted all the Dallas-area butcher shops still open and operating.

Sam Adams and the Greg Hill Foundation announced the Restaurant Strong Fund:

Folks in the Texas beef industry discussed the challenges of shifting their business to serve retail rather than restaurants now that restaurant demand for beef has plummeted.

The coronavirus pandemic has created an enormous surplus of chicken wings, and their price has been cut in half.

Fifty-five percent of all people who’ve tested positive for COVID-19 in South Dakota worked at this pork processing plant:

Cargill, JBS, and Tyson have all halted production in at least one of each of their meat processing plants.

Mother Jones reported on the lack of social distancing on the lines and in the cafeterias at two chicken-processing plants, and the hard choices employees must make to balance their safety and their income.

Cattle carcasses are getting so big that some beef cuts may just disappear. The seven-bone steak and the round steak have fallen in popularity, and large cuts like the porterhouse steak might be next.

Howard Conyers provided an explanation of South Carolina barbecue hash, including why it’s hard to find a version with pig lungs included.

Robert Moss was surprised to find hash being served at Texas barbecue joints, including LeRoy and Lewis Barbecue in Austin, and in Houston at Roegels Barbecue Co. and Feges BBQ.

On opening a second BBQ location during a pandemic:

Jones Bar-B-Q in Kansas City has installed a new piece of equipment, but it’s not for cooking. The temperature-controlled vending machine doles out barbecue sandwiches at all hours.

If you find yourself hanging out indoors more often lately, maybe you’d like some indoor barbecue recipes.

I mean, it will sit and stay on command:

Bette, I think Tim Carman has your answer:

Texas barbecue joints that have temporarily closed: