A fire destroyed Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que in Dallas in September of 2017. The recovery has been long, but the barbecue joint has finally reopened.

A Top 10 BBQ joint has a second location:

The New York Times recommends ordering a whole smoked brisket from Truth BBQ ($230, which includes shipping) for your Super Bowl viewing.

San Antonio will get a second location of Pinkerton’s BBQ, another Top 50 BBQ joint, in 2020.

Austin Food + Wine Fest, coming in April, will have a fire pit area with plenty of barbecue talent.

Super Beef Sunday is nearly here:

Buck’s BBQ Company is hosting a Super Bowl party at Lucky’s Lodge in Houston that features a free whole hog roast.

Tickets for the Houston BBQ Festival, scheduled for April 14, are currently on sale.

J.C. Reid explores the forgotten barbecue joints of the once-vibrant Lyons Avenue in Houston’s Fifth Ward.

Houston knows smoked bologna:

Move over white bread. Tacos are the current trend in Houston barbecue, writes the Houston Chronicle.

Tejas Chocolate & Barbecue in Tomball took over the space next door to open a new sandwich shop, Tejas Market & Deli.

A fire gutted the Baker’s Ribs location in Grapevine. No one was injured, but the building was a total loss. Owner Joe Duncan said they plan to rebuild.

Chuck Blount of the San Antonio Express-News shared the barbecue lessons he learned at the San Antonio Stock Show.

Somebody said chicken-fried brisket:

Celina barbecue joint Tender Smokehouse was ranked #2 on Yelp’s list of best places to eat.

Andrew Hill of the newly relocated Embers Barbecue was featured in a discussion about high beef demand.

Southern Living profiled nine female pitmasters from across the country, and a couple are from Texas.

There’s a unique Turkey Smoke barbecue competition coming to Texas in February:

Joe Riscky of the barbecue Risckys of Fort Worth has left the family business to open his own place next to Wild Acre Brewery.

Billy’s Oak Acres in Fort Worth has added breakfast six days a week. Smoked pork chops, ham, and breakfast tacos are on the menu.

Emma Heim of Heim BBQ talked with “Barbecue Wife” and shared her recipe for steamed artichokes.

Thursdays are for pork steak at Bodacious Bar-B-Q n Hallsville:

A backyard cook in Abilene set his lawn and the lawns of four neighbors on fire. The blaze was extinguished with garden hoses and pool water.

After a lawsuit, a series of Stubb’s BBQ restaurants in the Austin area have changed their name to Do-Rite Barbecue.

“For the past several years, this city has had their foot on the neck of the local business person,” said Ashton Stauffer, owner of Jambo’s BBQ Shack in Arlington, who announced her candidacy for Arlington mayor.

Californians complain about barbecue smoke:

Craig Laban of The Philadelphia Inquirer named his favorite barbecue in the city, including a Smokehaus and a joint that serves a brisket cheesesteak.

Bill Ellis Barbecue has been serving barbecue in Wilson, North Carolina for 55 years, but the restaurant has suddenly closed.

A legendary North Carolina barbecue joint suffered a pit fire:

The guys at Manic American shared a story about a honey caper gone wrong, and it sure sounds like they’re describing the folks who sell honey across the street from Snow’s BBQ in Lexington.

If you’re interested in the politics of meat production, “a federal judge has ruled that Iowa’s “ag gag” law is unconstitutional, saying the industry-backed statute violates the First Amendment’s free-speech protections.”

Brisket-flavored mezcal, people: