Every month we bring you a profile of a photographer who has captured the people, the food and the spaces that make up the world of barbecue.

Robert Strickland – Dallas, Texas

It happened fast — wildly fast. As that first bite of truly great brisket faded away, I found myself drowning in a mix of guilt and happiness that I’d never felt before. BBQ people tell me it was the kind of emotional one-two-punch that hits only after realizing you’ve been blind to something beautifully special for far too long. And in the sweet afterglow of those emotions, I felt compelled: I needed to pay homage to the food, the tradition that makes it great, and the wonderful people carrying on that tradition.

So, I did what came most naturally — I grabbed my camera and started taking photos. And while I have plenty of miles left to log, it’s hard not too love the journey already. More and more, I’m realizing that the people who carry on the legacy of Texas BBQ are some of the most fun-loving, humble, and kind people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.



Justin Fourton
Pecan Lodge – Dallas, TX


Pecan Lodge – Dallas, TX


Louie Mueller Barbecue – Taylor, TX


Tom Micklethwait
Micklethwait Craft Meats – Austin, TX


Micklethwait Craft Meats – Austin, TX


Herschel Tomanetz
Snow’s BBQ – Lexington, TX


Snow’s BBQ – Lexington, TX


Snow’s BBQ – Lexington, TX

Robert is a full-time graphic designer and a freelance photographer. You can see more of his work at www.rsphotography.info