It’s all in the family here. Co-founder Jill Grobowsky Bergus’s grandfather was Edgar Schmidt, the man who made Kreuz Market famous. That’s why three of the Lockhart joint’s specialties show up here: two great sausages and the cut known as shoulder clod. If you order actual brisket, you may find the best bites come from around its beautifully crusted edges. As for pork, the pulled stuff is nothing special, but the ribs are quite nice, with a magnificent bark. On Wednesdays, share a scandalously salted and peppered beef rib, a thing of shock and awe. There are antique signs galore on the walls, and tall ceilings with exposed rafters. Oh, and a full bar. (The Plano location—which has a pleasant, small-town feel—offers occasional smoking classes, announced on Twitter and Facebook.)