The Houston Chronicle has hired a weekly Barbecue Columnist. Food writer J. C. Reid has posted his first article Love of Barbecue Starts Early which will appear in tomorrow’s print edition. You might remember Reid from the Houston Barbecue Festival which he co-founded with Michael Fulmer, and for which planning has already started for the third annual event.

The opening column provides some personal background on Reid and a bit about his mission. He plans to cover more than just brisket. “Many Houstonians are familiar with the Korean barbecue houses on Long Point. The new Chinatown near the intersection of Bellaire and the Sam Houston Tollway teems with restaurants that serve superb Chinese barbecue. Indian food trucks and restaurants prepare roasted and smoked meats using tandoor ovens.” Reid also finds a way to work “lothario” into his first sentence.

This marks the second barbecue-specific position in journalism in Texas within the last year, with mine being the first. Reid, who has been a friend for several years, is now  competition, but the barbecue in this great state can stand a little more attention. As part of the Texas Monthly tasting team for the 2013 Top 50 BBQ issue, I know that Reid has great taste in barbecue and is a tireless barbecue explorer. I look forward to his future discoveries.