The Dark Prince of Texas barbecue smoked beef ribs for the POTUS. John Mueller is in Dallas today along with President Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi for a barbecue fundraiser at the home of Marc Stanley just southwest of Forest and 75. John Mueller commented on the president’s request to eat his barbecue in typical fashion. “I probably have warrants in Dallas and this is the cops’ way to get me up here and eat at the same time.”

Dinner was scheduled to start around 6:00pm, but President Obama didn’t arrive until about 8:00pm at which point John Mueller texted “No phones.” Thirty minutes later the president was gone, and on his way to Austin. Mueller said “He ate two plates of barbecue, and took a brisket for the plane.”

Along with those famous beef ribs and brisket, the menu for the sixty attendees includes sausage, turkey, beans, potato salad, and cole slaw. The barbecue went for a mere $10,000 per plate. I hope everybody got a full rack.

In the past Obama has made some questionable barbecue choices while in the Lone Star state. During some of his visits he hasn’t even eaten barbecue, and last year he visited Stubb’s in Austin, less than two miles from John Mueller Meat Company on East 6th St. But today, he has found beef rib redemption.