Will and Nicole Buckman started serving barbecue as many burgeoning pitmasters do: out of their yard. But the Buckmans graduated from the lawn to a trailer, and finally to a brick-and-mortar joint in Spring. Friends, the early beneficiaries of the couples’ smoking prowess, might not be able to square the snaking line at Corkscrew BBQ with their intimate first tastings—but the Buckmans feel right at home. With plenty of yard space for groups to gather, the new place retains the original familial experience. Most importantly, under the couple’s diligent supervision, the barbeuce has continued to shine.

Our Barbecue Editor Daniel Vaughn spent a day with the Buckmans at Corkscrew BBQ. Find out how the weekend ‘cue warriors turned into full-fledged pitmasters.

Video shot and edited by John Carrithers.