Of course this Bon Appétit search for barbacoa finds plenty to enjoy in Texas.

The BBQ Hall of Fame class of 2019 has been announced, and C.B. Stubblefield posthumously represents Texas:

Alison Cook calls the new Houston location of Truth BBQ, “the grandest physical expression I’ve seen of the modern artisanal barbecue restaurant,” in her Houston Chronicle review. She liked the barbecue too.

The Houston Press was impressed by the links, ribs, and stuffed potatoes at Burns BBQ, but not really the brisket.

How to politely, and not so politely, stand in line for barbecue in Texas, according to J.C. Reid.

Tex-Mex BBQ gets its own festival in Houston:

Matthew Odam is high on the new Interstellar BBQ, in Cedar Park, calling it one of the five best barbecue joints in the Austin area.

Odam also talked with Aaron Franklin about his new steak cookbook, good burgers in Austin, and Cajun food.

Are you JV or varsity on the smoker?

James Leach is carrying on a family legacy at the Longhorn Meat Market in Austin, where the sausage has a following.

Head out on this barbecue tour of some newer spots in Austin with Brittany Flowers of KVUE.

Because we all want to play with fire:

Lots of chefs and pitmasters share their favorite backyard grills with Eater.

Jim Auchmutey covers the rise of backyard grilling, from the 1938 Sunset Barbecue Book to modern gas grills.

To sous vide or to smoke? A beef rib investigation:

Robert Moss tells The Local Palate that good barbecue does need sauce when describing his method for sniffing out a promising barbecue joint.

John Lewis of Lewis Barbecue in Charleston, South Carolina, says skip the bourbon and instead pour a margarita with his smoked meats.

It’s getting easier to find good barbecue all over the country, and Food & Wine says it’s time to explore Minnesota.

Folk BBQ is dying off in North Carolina:

Joseph Haynes takes a look back at the long history of Virginia barbecues, which were often massive feasts.

A Franklin Barbecue alumnus has opened a new brick-and-mortar for Owlbear BBQ in Denver.

“When people come back for seconds, well, that’s your encore.” – Dave Grohl talking to Bon Appétit about his barbecue obsession.

“You can’t replicate another region’s barbecue because of the trees,” says Carolyn Huggins of Shreveport, Louisiana. She and Patrick Netherton share their thoughts on regional styles of barbecue.

They’re barbecue (ranch salad!) crazy in Boston:

The Washington Post offers this guide to summer grilling with techniques and product suggestions.

Steven Raichlen listed his favorite barbecue festivals coming up this year.

Or if you’re searching for some barbecue instruction, Cowboys & Indians magazine has you covered with this list of barbecue camps.

A sausage for any task: