The Guinness World Record for the world’s longest sausage, from the UK, checks in at just over thirty-six miles. The longest smoked sausage, from Germany, was 1,581 feet, 5 inches, but the longest smoked sausage in Texas (probably) was on display yesterday at Meat Fight in Dallas.

Chef Brian Luscher, with the help of Local Yocal Market in McKinney, stitched together enough hog casings to stuff nearly two hundred pounds of pork into one continuous link. The link was loaded into his mobile smoker, then driven to the Meat Fight site. The fire was lit and the sausage was smoked before being displayed and measured. The final tally (based on an imperfect measurement system that I was involved and which utilized butcher’s twine) was 249 feet, 4-5/8 inches.

Perfection in cooking technique wasn’t the point, but it was still a good sausage. Meat Fight revelers got to sample as much of the sausage as they could handle once it was all portioned out, but you’ll have to wait until Luscher’s new hot dog/sausage restaurant opens in Dallas’s Deep Ellum neighborhood in January to get your own. Ask for the Sheboygan bratwurst link.