The smoked meats hanging under heat lamps might remind you of a Chinese barbecue restaurant, but the Pit Room’s culinary heritage is rooted in Texas and Mexico. They even make their own tortillas here, using fat drippings from the brisket. One of the secrets of the joint’s exceptional quality is that co-pitmasters Michael Sambrooks and Bramwell Tripp use USDA Prime beef and Berkshire-Duroc pork. The pork ribs in particular are deeply smoky yet moist. This is also a place where chicken and turkey are juicy and well worth ordering. And there are three types of house-made sausage: Czech (beef), jalapeño-cheddar (pork), and black-pepper garlic (venison). Hit the condiments bar for pickled veggies, salsa, and barbecue sauces. And have a homemade cookie ice cream sandwich for dessert.