This coming Sunday, we’ll host the TMBBQ Festival in Austin (tickets are available here), where the best of Texas barbecue comes to serve as much barbecue as you can eat. Every barbecue joint in attendance was featured in our Texas Monthly Top 50 list (plus a few newcomers), but that list is getting some age on it. That’s why immediately after the festival, our staff will get to work in searching for the brand new 2017 Top 50 list that we’ll publish next June.

A week from today, our tasters will gather in the Texas Monthly office and receive their marching orders for the long and protein-rich search. We’ll fan out across the state eating as much barbecue as we can to compile what we hope is the best barbecue list yet. Our to-do list is coming along nicely, but WE NEED YOUR HELP.

If a barbecue joint has been featured in the 2013 Top 50, in the list of the 25 best new barbecue joints last year, or if we’ve reviewed them on TMBBQ, then they’re already on the to-do list. There is no need to nominate said barbecue joints, but if it looks like we’re missing your favorite, we want to hear from you. Add a comment below with the name of your favorite Texas barbecue joint, and we’ll add it to the big barbecue map. In eight months, tune in and see who made the list when the 2017 Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ list is published.