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TMBBQ 2017 Top 50 Nominations

The Search is on

By Comments

This coming Sunday, we’ll host the TMBBQ Festival in Austin (tickets are available here), where the best of Texas barbecue comes to serve as much barbecue as you can eat. Every barbecue joint in attendance was featured in our Texas Monthly Top 50 list (plus a few newcomers), but that list is getting some age on it. That’s why immediately after the festival, our staff will get to work in searching for the brand new 2017 Top 50 list that we’ll publish next June.

A week from today, our tasters will gather in the Texas Monthly office and receive their marching orders for the long and protein-rich search. We’ll fan out across the state eating as much barbecue as we can to compile what we hope is the best barbecue list yet. Our to-do list is coming along nicely, but WE NEED YOUR HELP.

If a barbecue joint has been featured in the 2013 Top 50, in the list of the 25 best new barbecue joints last year, or if we’ve reviewed them on TMBBQ, then they’re already on the to-do list. There is no need to nominate said barbecue joints, but if it looks like we’re missing your favorite, we want to hear from you. Add a comment below with the name of your favorite Texas barbecue joint, and we’ll add it to the big barbecue map. In eight months, tune in and see who made the list when the 2017 Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ list is published.

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  • Deven

    Baker’s Ribs, Weatherford

  • Dustin Dworak

    2m smokehouse in San Antonio..esaul Ramos from la BBQ started his own and it’s the best in San Antonio

  • Matt

    Post Oak Smokehouse, Irving

  • Stuart

    Midtown Barbecue in Houston.

  • Gary Bateman

    Tejas Chocolate Craftory in Tomball. Don’t be fooled by the name, the BBQ is the best anywhere around Houston.

  • Ralph

    Aarons Smoke House BBQ, Copperas Cove

  • Bill Dumas

    The Pit BBQ in San Angelo
    Smokey Denmark in East Austin –there is a new Pit Master there…

  • Bill Dumas

    M Train BBQ in East Austin, 6th & Perdnales–John Mueller’s old location, ran by Mikey one of John’s old employees.

  • Louisa Villarreal

    Follow the Smoke BBQ and Catering in Lamesa, Tx. Best BBQ you ever tasted……

  • RockportDon

    Limon BBQ in Victoria. He was formerly co-owner of Quality Packers Smokehouse.

  • David Dominguez

    Louie Mueller Barbecue – Taylor, TX

  • RockportDon

    Julian`s BBQ, Corpus Christi

  • Thai

    Blood Brothers BBQ, Houston

  • Danika Barrientes


  • Danika Barrientes

    Follow the Smoke Catering & BBQ in Lamesa TX

  • Michael Cunningham

    I think the new Top 50, should be counted down like Kasey Kasem…

  • Jeff

    Iron Works Barbecue , Austin. Really stepped their game up lately.

  • teresa

    follow the smoke bbq lamesa texas

  • Follow the Smoke BBQ Brownfield Tx. Better than any BBQ you’ve ever had. Definitely the best in Texas hands down.

  • Kris

    Follow the Smoke Catering & BBQ in Lamesa TX

  • Mary Lynn Guerrero

    Best sliced brisket sandwich and the best pork ribs!

  • Mary Lynn Guerrero

    Follow the smoke BBQ in Lames, TX. Best sliced brisket sandwich and pork ribs!

  • David Nevarez

    Mumphords BBQ Victoria Tx

  • Keenan Watson

    Jaws Bbq in Port Arthur Tx. The best beef links and sauce!

  • Lance Moore

    Best BBQ in plainview tx

  • Lance Moore

    West Texas Pit Masters Best BBQ in plainview tx

  • Roy foster

    Fatboy’s BBQ
    Cooper, Texas

  • Lucinda Cortez

    Follow The Smoke BBQ & Catering in Lamesa Texas

    Best pork ribs!

  • Jason

    West Texas Pitmasters in Plainview Tx!!

  • Seth

    Big d BBQ in Mansfield

  • JD Davis

    I’ve tasted a lot of BBQ over the years, some places have already been mentioned here. The one place I always return to is Bodacious BBQ in Hallsville, Tx. Normally, I avoid any “Chain Type” BBQ joints. Not the case with this particular one. Best Ribs and Brisket you can get…. consistently. Never been disappointed… always an A+.

  • Todd Stewart

    West Texas Pit Masters Plainview, Texas

  • Renee Booth

    Fatboy’s BBQ in Cooper, Texas. Best ever BBQ!!

  • Truth BBQ in Brenham

  • Mitch

    FatBoys BBQ THE best BBQ in Texas!! Friendly atmosphere, the best pit master in Texas and GREAT food!!

  • Jennifer

    West Texas Pitmasters

  • Smiths

    New Mount Zion in Huntsville

  • Dennis

    West Texas Pitmasters of Plainview Texas

  • Robert Garcia

    Pound For Pound Barbecue.
    El Campo, Tx

  • Reid’s Bar-B-Que Shack
    “Trailer” – Temple, TX
    Proprietor: Robert Reid


    No doubt, the real deal ! You will not be disappointed.

  • Myra Chapa

    Follow The Smoke in Lamesa, Texas, best BBQ ever.????????

  • Myra Chapa

    I live in Lubbock, TX and drive an hour away to Lamesa for the best, I mean the best BBQ in Texas at Follow The Smoke BBQ and Catering. ????????????????❤️️

  • Alisa

    Fatboy’s BBQ – Cooper, Tx.
    BEST BBQ, Best people!!!! Pitmaster is awesome!!!!

  • Oscar

    Desert Oak Barbecue in El Paso, TX 🙂

  • Ray

    Follow the smoke Bbq and Catering Lamesa, Tx. Great food, great owners. Big John smokes it up right. Awesome pork ribs!

  • paul

    FAT BOYS !!!! Hands down the best

  • Rob

    Marfa Meat Co. -Marfa, Tx
    best brisket I’ve ever had (from Austin), bar none!!

  • JD

    FatBoys bbq in Cooper, TX

  • Jim Jennings

    Make sure to hit Desert Oak Barbecue in El Paso! Richard’s brisket is absolutely the Best!

  • Phillip Sharp

    Texas BBQ in Harlingen and Turn 3 BBQ in Krugerville.

  • Amanda L’esperance

    FATBOYS cooper,tx

  • LonghornHotspur

    Witt Pitt in Rosenberg

  • MaKaylah

    Fat boys BBQ cooper, Texas

  • Art

    Julian’s in Corpus Christi, TX

  • Big Cat BBQ in Cedar Park. Award winning competition BBQ— a must try!

  • Lisa Martinez

    Julian’s BBQ, Corpus Christi Texas

  • Family owned and operated since 2000 original location Cedar Park, Texas

  • Family owned and operated since 2000 original location Cedar Park, TX

  • Brad Johnson

    Big Cat BBQ
    Cedar Park, TX

  • Millie Estrada

    The BEST BARBECUE in town is Julian’s Barbecue on Baldwin in Corpus Christi, Tx 78413. My husband and I have to eat there at least once a week. Great customer service and clean dining and the owner is actually serving your meal great hospitality and the place closes once meat runs out????

  • Millie Estrada

    Best barbecue is Jullians Barbecue on Baldwin in Cotpus Christi Texas the place closes once meat is sold out which is usually early some days.


    2M Smokehouse & Catering, SE San Antonio. The brisket, the sausage, the tacos, the nopalitos … need I say more? Sweet Q!

  • J e

    Bigcat Bbq

  • Travis

    If truth bbq doesnt make top 4, ill be shocked.

  • Jacob

    Big Cat BBQ in Cedar Park Texas! Commented this last night and it got taken down.. Still nominating them!! @BigCatBBQ

  • Fancy

    Julian’s BBQ in Corpus Christi

  • Jennifer

    Julian’s BBQ is the BEST!
    Corpus Christi, Tx

  • Michael Davis

    Julians BBQ in Corpus Christi,TX…

  • Lizzy Wetzel

    Marfa Meat Co. In Marfa, Tx is the best in the Wild West!

  • Melissa Jones

    Big Cat BBQ in Cedar Park!!! Newest place in town but by far the best! Competition quality for sure.

  • Ken

    Off the Bone in Ft.Worth

  • Debra Foster

    Best BBQ on North Padre Island, Corpus Christi. Ribs and Brisket are the best in South Texas. Small place but packs a dynamite with the BBQ.

    • Debra Foster

      The place on North Padre Island is Texas Mesquite Bbq and Grill..located on the island of Corpus Christi

  • Tony George

    Marfa Meat Company in Marfa, Texas. Best bbq in Big Bend and west of the hill country!

  • Bill in OK

    How about Cackle and Oink in Sherman, TX? Pretty good stuff!

  • Jessica Phillips

    This place has an incredible and unparalleled BBQ selection. Word of mouth is giving these guys a great reputation but it’s a small town out in central Texas and they could use a well deserved shout out. Young’s Burritoes and BBQ in San Saba, that’s where Carl and Lisa Young are cooking up perfection. Give them a try!

  • E Owhadi

    Marfa Meat Company is absolutely the best BBQ in Texas!!!

  • Shawn Owhadi

    One of the best BBQ I have had in a long time was in Marfa Texas which was prepared by a gentleman that owns Marfa Meat Company. I don’t easily get impressed by too many BBQ locations but I must say Marfa Meat Company really won me over. Outstanding!!!

  • gary

    Check out Mallet Bros BBQ in Navasota TX its the best

  • John

    Follow the Smoke Bbq and Catering, Lamesa, Tx Hickory Smoked Deliciousness!

  • Monica Balarin

    Julian’s BBQ In Corpus Christi is the number 1 barbecue in Texas.

  • JW

    Marfa Meat Co. in Marfa has the best brisket not just in far-west Texas, but the state.

  • diana medina

    We simply love Julian’s BBQ, here in Corpus Christi,Texas.
    Seems like we look for reasons to have Julian’s Bbq, wheater it’s baseball, football, BIRTHDAYS, christenings, we order Julian’s.

  • Charles Tuppen

    Naaman’s, Texarkana

  • Jesse quintanilla

    Texas Mesquite BBQ and Grill has the best brisket, ribs and sausage South Texas.

  • Texas Mesquite BBQ Grill, the best food. From Bisen to camel burgers, shark, and regular beef brisket. U must try this place. It’s a guarantee u will be pleased with food and wonderful service. Corpus Christi Texas on padre island.

  • Josie Zapata

    JULIAN’S BBQ Corpus Christi Tx

  • Josie Zapata

    Julians Bbq
    Corpus Christi, Tx

  • Brett Newman

    Julian’s BBQ in Corpus Christi is amazing! Much better than Killen’s in Pearland.

  • Greg Devonshire

    Milts Pit BBQ, Kyle Tx

  • Kim sanderson

    Pick LAZY S&M BBQ in Joshua, TX!

  • Kirstie herron

    Pick LAZY S&M BBQ in Joshua Texas!!

  • Michael

    Lazy s&m bbq in joshua texas

  • Morgan

    Al’s and Son BBQ in Big Spring, TX

  • Matthew Coogan

    The granary cue and brew

  • Kate

    Dubyas! Gilmer, Tx

  • Heather Davis

    Dubya’s Smokehouse BBQ in Gilmer, Texas

  • Brett

    Dubya’s Smokehouse in Gilmer, TX is awesome! Always great food and service!

  • Leah E

    Dubya’s in Gilmer, Texas! Yum yum!

  • Mike Hollis

    Dubya’s Smokehouse BBQ in Gilbert Tx.

    • Mike Hollis

      Sorry. Victim of spellcheck. City is Gilmer not Gilbert.

  • Jesse wheeler

    Dubya’s Gilmer tx

  • Collin

    Dubya’s in gilmer Texas!

  • Karen cottn

    Dubyas Smokehouse
    Gilmer, TX

  • Susan Roberts

    Dubya’s in Gilmer. You simply MUST visit and review. The BEST!

  • Mary

    Dubya’s Smokehouse-
    Gilmer, Texas

  • Lesa Jones

    Dubya’s BBQ, Gilmer, Tx

  • Kristal

    Dubya’s in Gilmer, Tx

  • Tammy

    Dubya’s BBQ in Gilmer, Texas.

    If you’ve not eaten there, you’ve not had BBQ!!!

  • Gerald Jones

    Dubya’s BBQ in Gilmer, TX


  • Lindsey Wilson

    Dubya’s Smokehouse in Gilmer Texas. Try the ribs!

  • Courtney Case

    Bodacious BBQ on Mobberly Ave. In Longview, Texas….Chef Jordan Jackson has the best Brisket in all of Texas right now.

  • Judy

    Dubya’s Smokehouse, Gilmer, Texas
    Best BBQ in East Texas

  • Yes Authentic Central Texas Bbq in the heart of Los Angeles. Rated the best Brisket in JC Reid last Los Angeles Trip July, 2016

  • Rays bbq, Yes its Authentic Central Texas Bbq in the heart of Los Angeles. Rated the best Brisket in JC Reid last Los Angeles Trip July, 2016

  • JD

    Limon’s BBQ in Victoria, TX

  • JD

    Buffalo Creek Barbecue in Vanderbilt, TX

  • Eric

    Truth BBQ, Brenham TX


  • Joel

    These in Victoria:
    KB’s BBQ
    The Fire Pit
    Aunt Jo’s BBQ
    Uncle Mutt’s Bar-B-Que

  • Nathaniel

    Nelson’s BBQ food truck in San Antonio, Tx 7327 n. Loop 1604w

  • Joe Adams

    Fat Boys BBQ in Cooper Texas.

  • Chad

    Tanners Smokehouse BBQ! Mesquite smoked meats, excellent mom and pops bbq. Greenville,Tx

  • David Eserini

    Fat Boys BBQ, Cooper ,Tx. Is the best.

  • Debra Allen

    Tanner’s Smokehouse Barbecue 5585 Hwy 224, Greenville, Tx.

  • Linda

    Fat Boys in Cooper, Texas!!

  • Pam Worsham

    Fat Boy’s BBQ in Cooper TX

  • Gail McCloud

    Fatboys BBQ
    Cooper, TX

  • April Olmsted

    Fatboys BBQ in Cooper,Tx

  • Shirley Barber

    Fat Boy’s BBQ absolutely the best I’ve ever had. Great people!

  • Jim Reed

    Fatboy’s BBQ
    Cooper, Tx.

  • David Booth

    Fatboys bbq in Cooper Tx. Is the best you will ever eat. Especially his ribs. They are lip smacking good

  • Michele

    Tanner’s Smokehouse BBQ
    5585 Hwy 224
    Greenville, Tx 75401

    Also on Facebook

  • Maci

    Tanner’s Smokehouse BBQ, Greenville TX. Love their brisket tacos!

  • Alan ross

    Tanners smokehouse in greenville, tx is the best. Family owned and a real homestyle atmosphere.

  • Shirley Fite

    Tanners Smoke House 5585 Hwy. 224 Greenville, Tx. 75401

  • Sherriol Graham

    Tanner’s Smokehouse BBQ
    5585 Hwy 224

  • Alice Finney

    Tanner’s Smokehouse
    5585 Hwy 224
    Greenville TX


    5585 HWY 224 GREENVILLE ,TX

  • Mel Fox

    Tanner’s Smokehouse…Greenville,Texas not only the best barbecue and the greatest ribs ever but the nicest people you’ll ever meet there that run it… Everything on the menu is worth the stop and picking some up

  • Tanner’s BBQ Greenville, TX
    Excellent !!

  • Tanner Smokehouse

  • Deanna

    I’m not a big BBQ fan but Tanners smokehouse in Greenville is awesome. It is one BBQ that I found that i do enjoy

  • Tanners’s Smokehouse
    Greenville TX

  • Keith

    Tanner’s Smokehouse BBQ in Greenville, Tx 5585 Hwy 224

  • Malynda

    Tanners Smokehouse BBQ in Greenville, TX!! Best BBQ around!!

  • Rickey Porter

    Tanner’s Smokehouse
    Greenville, Texas

  • Kris Montgomery

    Lil’s Chuckwagon And Rodeo Store

    7143 N Highway 78
    Bonham, Texas

    ***Best pulled pork sandwich, period.

  • Heather Church

    Tanner’s Smokehouse in Greenville, Tx!! Best BBQ around!!

  • Tammy Houser

    Tanner’s Smokehouse BBQ, Greenville, Texas. Great BBQ, big portions, awsome homemade sides and desserts!! Very friendly and welcoming.. My favorite!! ????????????????

  • Tanner’s Smokehouse BBQ in Greenville, Texas. Great BBQ, Texas size portions, homemade sides & desserts #yummy!! Friendly & inviting atmosphere and owners.. Once you visit and eat, you are hooked!! #gottohaveitoften

  • Dianna T.

    I second the nomination for Tanner’s Smokehouse Barbecue 5585 Hwy 224, Greenville, Tx!!

  • Dennis

    Tanner’s Smokehouse BBQ
    Greenville, texas

  • Richard Ivey

    For local here in Greenville, you Tanner’s BBQ is pretty hard to beat.

  • Jeremy

    Tanner’s Smokehouse BBQ in Greenville is absolutely delicious

  • They smoke all their meat and have their own sauce either mild or hot! Their food is delicious from hamburgers, barbecue sandwich, taco to turkey, brisket or pork. It is sliced, chopped or pulled.
    They have handmade onion rings, homemade desserts, and veggies. They are the best!

  • Tracey

    Tanners Smokehouse BBQ H224 Greenville. A great place.

  • Kathy

    Tanner’s Smokehouse Bbq in Greenville is the best in Texas

  • Lori Ulmer

    Tanner’s Smokehouse Barbecue 5585 Hwy 224, Greenville, Tx

  • Buddy

    Tanner BBQ best in NE Texas. Their sauces are something to taste.

  • Kevin Humphries

    Fat Boys BBQ
    Cooper Tx 75432

    Always good and don’t forget the twisted tators

  • Sherry Sutton

    Fatboy’s BBQ Cooper Tx.

  • Samantha Forrest

    Dad’s Place BBQ, a food truck in Goliad, Texas. By far the best smoked brisket and pulled pork I’ve ever had. And he makes his own sauce. It’s truly amazing!

  • Sara McClelan

    Dads Place BBQ, Goliad Tx!!!
    So much love and passion put into every sandwich!

  • Suzanne Thomas

    The best ever – Fatboy’s BBQ in Cooper.

  • Jennifer Garcia

    Dad’s Place BBQ in Goliad, Texas – Absolutely the best!

  • Celeste

    Dad’s Place. Goliad , tx

  • Rachel Caraway

    Dad’s Place BBQ, Goliad

  • christian demoranville

    Dad’s Place BBQ Goliad, TX. Best Smoked Brisket Ive ever had. His pulled pork is incredible too.

  • Joan Ochoa

    Dad’s Place BBQ
    Goliad, Tx

  • Best BBQ in south Texas!

  • Vanessa Valka

    Dad’s Place BBQ
    Goliad, Tx
    Best pulled pork I have ever eaten. The owners are phenomenal people!!

  • Beth Ellis

    Dad’s Place BBQ in Goliad. His stuff is to die for. Smoked brisket, pulled pork, firecracker chicken, and more. OMG it’s good stuff!

  • Kelvin Moore

    TOP 5 BBQ in Desoto, TX has to be on the list. This is one of my favorite spots in the DFW

  • Wacadoo

    Tejas Chocolate Craftory in Tomball

  • JimP

    Guess Family Barbecue – Waco

  • bbqfan#1

    Evie Maes in Wolforth TX~ best I’ve ever had!

  • Britt’s Barbecue, Lowry Crossing TX. Best I’ve had! A must try!

  • John Swartz

    Guess Family Barbecue

  • Jeremiah Blankenship

    The Meatshed, College Station, TX

  • Joshua Becan

    The BBQ Barn in Beasley, Texas.

  • Tony Fonseca

    Heavenly Q bbq food truck in San Antonio, Brisket, Pulled Pork, and Ribs are tops, Excellent sides compliment bbq?