John Mueller is on fire. His barbecue is better than it’s ever been, he just made it into our list of the fifty best barbecue joints in the state, and now Zagat has featured him in a slick video about the Austin barbecue scene. Where does Mueller fit in? “I made the Austin barbecue scene,” Mueller tells the interviewer. Dark sunglasses shade his eyes while he leans against his behemoth steel pit, but the wry grin tells us how much he enjoyed delivering that line. His barbecue reputation is certainly elevated, but even praise in the Top 50 isn’t enough for Mueller. In response to his 4.5 (out of 5) score in the Top 50 issue

Then he lets us know he’s been reading the magazine that he has very publicly said he has no use for (The “Satan” reference is a nod to us calling him the “dark prince” of Texas barbecue):

Finally, John let our editor Jake Silverstein know what a fan he is of Jake’s twitter feed.

Last time we called him a curmudgeon he Tweeted that “asshole” was easier to spell. How can you not love the guy! It’s as if the heavy dredge of black pepper he puts on his briskets and ribs has soaked into his bloodstream.