2019 Readers’ Choice BBQ Bracket: Cast Your Vote in the First Round

The BBQ Bracket is officially set! Thank you to all of you who voted.

This bracket pits old versus new—specifically, joints from our June 2017 Top 50 Barbecue Joints in Texas list against those from our May 2019 Top 25 New Barbecue Joints in Texas list. Familiar names like Kreuz Market and Franklin Barbecue have long-established clout, but will any of this new wave like Blood Bros. BBQ or Smoke Sessions have the popularity to knock them off? You, the readers, have already voted on who got into this bracket tournament, 16 spots from each list, and now you’ll have the chance to select which joints move on in each round of our very first barbecue bracket.

A few ground rules for your voting pleasure: One joint from each of following 16 matches must be selected for your votes to count. Your votes are not cast until you reach the last page and click “Submit Votes.” Duplicate votes are not permitted and will be discarded. And please note there are multiple pages to the survey!

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And now, let the official Texas Monthly Readers’ Choice Best BBQ in Texas games begin!




Tags: BBQ, BBQ bracket, Readers' choice
Tags: BBQ, BBQ bracket, Readers' choice


  • Intelligent Commenter

    LJ’s in Brenham, which is one of the BEST new BBQ joints in the state, goes up against Franklin’s??? Sorta unfair, as LJ’s doesn’t stand a chance, just on name recognition.

  • Common Sense

    How about Mum Foods? That pastrami is one of the best bites in all of Texas BBQ!

  • This makes no sense. Why do you want to compare places that have totally different menus and are 8 hours away from each other? I for one am not participating and it just feels like someone made this without thinking about it.

    The best part of barbecue is the community. The best part is that everyone works together and supports each other.

    This comparison doesn’t serve any logical purpose. A place in a big city is always going to beat a small town joint because they’ll have more customers therefore more votes.

    I’d love to see more articles about the STORY of BBQ. The only thing this does is make unequal comparisons of restaurants that make this state great. I think we should be supporting them, not pitting them against each other in some silly online poll. I’d expect this from eater or thrillist but not from you.

    I hope no one participates.

    • Dan on the River

      Texas Monthly used to be staffed with liberals. Now it’s staffed with stupid liberals.

  • Jed

    Why make me vote for a bunch of places I’ve never tried in order to count my votes for the places that I know are good?