This month Eakin Press will publish The Alamo Almanac and Book of Lists. Among the interesting items compiled by author William R. Chemerka is one that has nothing to do with history—not really, anyway: It’s the Top Twenty Most Frequently Asked Questions at the Alamo.

1. “Where’s the bathroom?”

2. “Is this the real Alamo?”

3. “Has the Alamo been moved?”

4. “Did Daniel Boone die here?”

5. “Where’s the IMAX Theatre?”

6. “Is this the original or is it man-made?”

7. “Where did Davy Crockett die?”

8. “Is this a national park?”

9. “Where are the Alamo defenders buried?”

10. “How much does it cost to get in?”

11. “Where’s the basement?”

12. “Are these marks in the walls bullet holes?”

13. “What happened here?”

14. “Where did Travis die?”

15. “Where did Bowie die?”

16. “When were the roof and floor added?”

17. “How many Alamo defenders died here?”

18. “How many Mexican soldiers died here?

19. “Why didn’t anyone come to the aid of the Alamo?”

20. “What makes the Alamo defenders heroes?”

Excerpted from The Alamo Almanac and Book of Lists (Eakin Press, $16.95). To order, call 800-880-8642.